Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (14) Hitting with Bending Arm

What Destroys Your Smash (14) Hit with Bending Arm The arm the elbow some players do not stretch their elbow full when they smash or clear some players they stretch elbow too early either way makes poor smash and clear and drop shot because clear, smash, drop shot is similar ok watch this what I mean this case this player bend elbow and then hit it ok watch my arm here set and then hit like this set like this its bended like this bent not stretched one more beding elbow yeah tight the right way at the impact at the impact your elbow has to be fully stretched there bang one more the right way elbow has to be stretched bang now the other way some players they stretch it too early because they think stretch and hit can make steep smash but its completely not true watch this, this is wrong there and then hit it they stretch early and then hit it because it is stretched you cannot generate power so bending elbow is not right too early stretched elbow is equally not right even worse than the first one stretch and hit stretch and then hit now change it again good yeah there there bang bang not bang not bang

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