Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (6) Swing not vertically

What Destroys Your Smash (6) Swing not vertically I think about 50% of club players based on my coaching experience their smash goes cross way instead of vertical way if you do smash hitting action that way you will lose about 30% of your power and also the accuracy watch this please this is what I am talking about so this is player shuttle comes that way it goes that way like that like this over here like this that way so shuttle has to go that direction so compare that way clear same there there there not not there not this way try hit that way that way Please Compare that way that way

7 thoughts on “Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (6) Swing not vertically

  1. Hi Coach
    Glad to see you posting videos again!
    I am a 19 year old with a weak smash. Anyone can return my smash with a high lift. This forces me to keep smashing and I get tired very fast. People can even return my "netkills" or some easy midcourt smashes. Do I need to go to the gym or improve my technique. I think sometimes I accidentally slice the shuttle.



  2. Should we pronate our forearms after the smash? 

    Professionals appear to do this:

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