Badminton Zadar on Dobro jutro Hrvatska

Croatian is not an easy language to learn Arun has learned it enough to explain his reasons to come to Zadar I try to live a moment at a time Thats how it has been so far and hopefully it would remain the same I think that’s why somehow I ended up in Zadar I came to Zadar because of travel And I stayed here for love Just 4 years ago I did not where Zadar is I needed wikipedia to learn about Zadar Even he came one winter night in empty city , but he liked the city from the first sight I didn’t think that the first man that I would meet would become my best man and the first woman that I would meet in Zadar would become my wife. It was winter, empty streets and the guy with urban came in the bar i didn’t pay much attention because I thought that some friend put turban just for fun next minute we looked at each other then I realized that he came really from far away Now he speaks more often Croatian and I need to speak less English, but he is still here For Arun everything started when he had enough of Information technology when he discovered Volunteering In Croatia I know some people who does not where is the village Medvida But I somehow ended up in Medvida working as a volunteer And that’s where we had our wedding party as well Differences can divide or we accept them as an opportunity to learn and enrich ourselves Irena and Arun recently visited India. Everyone I met accepted me like a family member or a friend They care so much to leave a good impression as hosts. For some of them it was the first time they met a european Today Arun is teaching badminton in Zadar. But he is also learning a lot. This was new culture for me And of of course I can speak in Croatian now, a new language for me. And I can say that it is not an easy language to learn I also learned how to swim here While waiting for summer and warmer temperature which will allow him to practice his new skills he is focussed on his favourite sport where he has faithful followers We have trainings where we learn special shots special tactics forcing us to think to apply tactical skills. It is fun but we are also learning Did you know that badminton started in India? Arun also comes from India. In europe it came in 19th century through british who brought it from India Through Arundeep badminton is being introduced in Zadar In their club badminton is promoted first as a sport while the aspect of fun is also retained more or less we all have smile on our faces. Extremely dynamic and fast that people do not expect and its a lot of fun. The lesser known fact about badminton is that during the game shuttle can fly between 200 -400 kmph Then you realize how hard it is and how fast and fit you need to be. Ok, you can see it on me yet, but you lose lot of calories The club was established with clear objectives and goals We are member of Sports Organization of Zadar City The near future targets are to organize a badminton tournament then summer camp for kids and the final target is a dedicated badminton hall I feel that it is the first time in my life I know exactly that this is what I want to do he hopes that his story, personal and sports, will continue in Zadar.

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