Bailey’s Football Date, Brooklyn’s NEW Puppy, and Game of Thrones Trip | Behind the Braids Ep.104

(upbeat music) – Well it’s officially happening. Shaun and I have been talking
about this trip to Eurpoe to the countries along
Adriatic Sea for probably three years, and we’re finally gonna go. This was supposed to be our
20th year anniversary trip but we had our 21st
year anniversary in July so we’re even a little late
for our 21st anniversary, but it’s happening. It’s kinda surreal, and I’m so
excited to get on the flight and get there and I’m intentionally
planning it in the fall when I think it’s going to be amazing and the weather’s going to be beautiful, so I’m so excited. Skanderbeg Square in Albania. So we’re having dinner in Cruzia Albania, which is up in this tiny
little town in the mountains. It’s just tucked in here, it’s so cute. Look at the sunset. The square at night. Playing “Sweet Home Alabama”
over in the corner no less. (cheering) – Homecoming game! – [Crowd] Let’s go Baylor! (cheering) – Okay to catch you up on
what’s happened, basically — – This is crazy guys. – Texas Tech looked
like they were gonna win and then in the last minute
and a half, Baylor scored. – Tied it up. – Then we had to go to
overtime, so then Baylor scored, and then the other team scored. – [Both] So now we’re in double overtime. – I have no idea what’s going to happen. – So intense, I’m scared. (cheering) – Okay guys so we just need
a touchdown and we win. (cheering) – So we’re saying good-bye to
Albania today on our way to. – Montenegro. – Montenegro, which means black mountain. I guess we’ll find out
if that’s what it is. (upbeat music) – At the monastery and this
whole complex is so beautiful. From the little houses
you can stay in, doors, vines, and don’t forget the back drop. It’s all back dropped by
these beautiful mountains. (upbeat music) Look at our cute little room. At the next hotel, it’s like
a little chalet, chalet. – In the alps. – [Mindy] The alps of Montenegro,
which I didn’t even know was a thing, but I’ll show
you outside the door too, because it’s like a cabin,
like a little cozy cabin. (upbeat music) – [Bailey] Guess what? – Huh? – [Bailey] Brooklyn’s adopting Finn. – Wait for real? – [Bailey] Yeah. – But what about Easton? – [Bailey] We can only take one. And she got accepted for Finn. – But that’s still… – [Bailey] So this is going
to be Brooklyn’s puppy. – I’m so happy for them,
I hope she keeps his name. – [Bailey] Yep, I think she will. Guess who’s the newest
member of our family. Yep, Brooklyn’s adopting Finn. Finn’s now our puppy. – The view from our window, I just can’t even handle it, I love
the mountains so much. Now if you guys know me at all, you know that I grew
up in Utah so I grew up around mountains my whole life and we camped as a family
all the time growing up and so the mountains, like
the smell of pine trees and wood burning fires just takes me right back to my happy place, so I love this. This is totally my element, I would like have a permanent vacation
home in the mountains if I could. – We wake up this morning, we take a drive to this beautiful lake up in Montenegro. I don’t remember the
name of the lake, wow. I couldn’t say it even if I did remember. Absolutely stunning fall
colors all the way around us. We’re taking a quick
about mile and a half walk to another lake. – I love all the walking today. – A lot of beautiful
forest here and the lake is right up ahead. (upbeat music) – [Shaun] Here we are,
this is the Taro River and this bridge. This is just so pretty, everything right in front of me is so pretty. – Aw, Shaun. – So, Shaun and I are
pretty much just nosing through the city of, I
think they say it, Kotor. Kotor? K-O-T-O-R. So, pretty much that
means we’re just wandering trying to find something to
eat or poking through shops. Here’s the thing, every
stop I try to find a patch. So that I can add it to my backpack and we were in a museum, they had patches but we were in a super
hurry to get out of there so we didn’t stop and grab one. And now that we’re actually
looking for patches, of course. – We can’t find them. – Of course, we’re on the hunt. I couldn’t find one in
Albania, so I’m gonna have to order one offline,
which is never my favorite, but I make it work. So, we’re gonna keep poking
around to see what we can find. (upbeat music) Guess what we found. The patch. So excited, the elusive
patch was discovered. Also, we’re about to cross
the border so, good time. – [Man] Tell me where we are. – State fair. – [Man] Texas State Fair. We’ve got some avocado
fries as they call them, cheeseburgers, and french fries. Okay, what do you guys want
to do first after we eat? – The lift, sky. – [Man] The Sky Lift? Well we got lots of things
to do, we just got here. Here we go, lots of fun. Paisley, what does Big Tex say? – Welcome to Texas. – So this morning we’re
starting off the day… – With the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia. – So pretty. – So beautiful, you guys will recognize it if you ever watch Game of Thrones. – It’s King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. (upbeat music) – We paid the entrance for the gate and up onto the wall so Mindy
and I decided we’re going to walk the wall, right? – Yes. – It’s about, what? – I don’t know. – 2 miles maybe, 2 miles
or something like that. – They’re claiming three hours
be we’ll do it much faster. – All right, here we are
on top of the wall looking into the city, imagine
dragons flying overhead. This is the city of Dubrovnik
from the top watchtower. – I told you guys before
that I’m always on the hunt for my pack, guess what I found today. So we’re set for Croatia. Walking to dinner on
this cute little pathway. (upbeat music) Something… (laughing) So we decided to climb the bell tower, we’re gonna attempt it. Let me show you, it’s there. It’s like 200 steps, it’s supposed to have really good views so
we’re gonna go for it. We’re here in Split by the way. I just want you to see this one step. (laughing) Shaun, stand up straight,
stand up straight. That’s nice babe, now come under. (laughing) (upbeat music) – The fortress, those 2 towers right there are one of the corners. The Adriatic Sea. We are now inside Diocletian’s Palace. (upbeat music) So this here, if you recognize it is Khalessi’s Dragons
Den in Game of Thrones. (upbeat music) Hey guys, so a long, long time ago I used to live in Spain, in
Northern Spain for 2 years. – I didn’t know what he was doing. – Yeah so I had this smell in the air, I could smell this roasting smell and it brought back memories of Spain. It would be Winter time
and we would buy these and stick them in the pockets of our coats to keep our hands warm
because we were missionaries in Norhtern Spain. Mindy’s never tried one, we’re
gonna let her try one now. – If it’s actually hot still. – [Shaun] So you’re gonna
peel it, I haven’t had them in like 25 years, but they reminded me of like sweet potatoes. Give it a try, what do you think? – They’re kinda dry, they taste like sweet potatoes and a nut. – [Shaun] A nut? So that’s your first
chestnut, chestnuts roasting over an open fire. – Now I know. – [Shaun] Now you know. Doesn’t it smell good though? – They do smell good. – That’s not smart. Hey guys, it’s 1:00 in
the morning right now. I’m getting some fancy
lighting from Bella here because 100,000 people in Southern, wait Northern Texas lost power
because of a crazy storm. We’ve had a couple tornados touch down, we’ve been in a tornado shelter twice, we just had a rotation
over literally our town so we were in there for like 20 minutes, but we’re good now, we’re
watching the lightning and it is crazy, it’s like
the craziest it’s ever been. Dude, why is the lightning so cool? It’s like, I don’t know,
lightning just fascinates me. So, that’s what we’re doing right now. This lightning is seriously
the craziest I’ve ever seen. All right, so it is morning and we’re having a little bit of issues. The power’s still not
on, so the kids didn’t wake up on time cause their
alarm clocks didn’t work and the other issue is our garage. That one over there, it
doesn’t have the string thing that we use to lift it
anymore, so I can’t back my car out or Jenny’s car out, so we only have my dad’s Porsche, which I’m not supposed to be driving, but this is our only option at this point. So I am currently driving
his Porsche while he’s out of town which is, and he’s very tall so I’m having to adjust everything. So this is an adventure for
our early morning funness and I’m going to have to figure out… How do I turn this car on? Does anybody know? Well I’m going to have to
figure out how to do this. Because I don’t know how
I’m going to get to school. Is it this thing? Oh yes. – Welcome to Slovenia
you guys, we made it. This will be our almost last stop. We have a couple days here and
then we depart out of Venice. So, but we are about to go
in and catch the caverns. The very famous Sloveniean Caverns of the name I can’t pronounce,
so I’ll put it on screen. But, it’s supposed to
be amazing we’re gonna take a train in and then
walk around for a while but look how pretty everything is. It’s like the perfect temperature. Despite me wearing this
heavy coat, I’m wearing it because I know it’s going
to be very cold in the cave. I am looking forward
to this train ride down into the middle earth is what
I keep joking with Shaun. Anyway, let’s go. It feels like a ride at Disney Land. – Here we go, yeah. It’s getting cold already. (upbeat music) Your face is what? – Frozen. – [Shaun] Frozen? (laughing) (upbeat music) It’s like Carlos Bakery
spit up all over the place. In here is called the grand cathedral. Or, concert hall, is that what it is? Same thing, it’s 40 meters
from the bottom here to the highest point. If you whistle you can hear
the echo for 6 seconds. She did it, that’s how we know. (upbeat music) And we’re done, here we go. Today we’re visiting Blood
Castle up on the hill. Pretty up here isn’t it? – Very. – So we’ll show you when we get closer. (upbeat music) We will be going over there today. This is where the guards
used to keep watch. Wow. This is inside the main tower. You see outside, look
how pretty this is, wow. Right there is where
we were just visiting. Up there, that castle. And now we’re heading to the
little island with the church. (upbeat music) (church bell ringing) This is inside the church on the island. You can ring the bell and make a wish. What are you going to wish for? – I’m not gonna tell you
because it won’t come true. One of the things that I had read about that my parents told me about that we had to come see while we were in
Slovenia was Vintgar Gorge. And it wasn’t on our
itinerary for our group tour so I have been racking
my brain for like a week trying to figure out how
to throw this into the mix. Poor Shaun. – I’ve been kidnapped. (laughing) – Always has to go along
with my crazy ideas, which by the way almost
always work out just fine. Here we go, we’re on an adventure. We caught a taxi from the last stop and we’re breaking away from the group. (upbeat music) – We’re now at Winter Gorge
or Vintgar they call it. Mindy’s been wanting to
go here the whole trip. (waterfall roaring) I have to admit, this is
really pretty, look at this, and this side, this is
like a Bob Ross Painting. You think the waterfalls are beautiful, then you pop up here
and you see the bridge. (water roaring) – So we’re done with the hike you guys and it was a plus, awesome. No, it was way better than really good, it was like (explosion sound effect) and we made it just fine and we got a taxi on the way out just fine, so
we’re going to catch it now. So go ahead and tell them. – You’re right. (laughing) – See you guys? You just have to be a little
adventurous, just a little bit. (upbeat music)

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  2. I’m from Slovenia! It’s so weird to see familiar places in your vlog..I hope you had a great time here & there are still lots of amazing places to visit, so you should definitely come back.🙂

  3. Hi, Thanks for visiting Slovenia! The cave is called Postojna. It is pronunced: ( po stoy na ). Hope it helps.

  4. I went to high school football game where my high school went onto 7 overtime’s and it was like 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I didn’t care if we won or not cause it was so cold but like we won so it’s fine

  5. I can’t believe y’all went to Albania! I have lived in Tirana since I was six weeks old because my family are missionaries. I started watching cute girls hairstyles in 2012! I hope you liked it!

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