Bakugan Battle Planet Challenge! Ninja Kidz TV

this video is sponsored by bakugan what ! the ninja kids have a
limited-edition Dragonoid I know let’s challenge then maybe we can win it! no
that’s too risky let’s hire a ninja to steal it. yeah and if that
doesn’t work we can use your idea. Paxton, oh hi guys! hey
I need help for my black belt test
can you come train me? Oh yeah sure thing payton. let’s go. oh I’ve got next game okay
oh yeah I’m totally I’m definitely yeah just cuz you got lucky with that diamond
Dragonoid it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get lucky again plus you don’t have it
and this time I’ve got a diamond trox well I have my 700 B power fangzor trying to beat my ultra I’ve
tried it. three two one Baku… Nice bro nice one bro! let’s see if I can beat the faster guy good one paxton, yeah thanks for training
me bro that was fun yeah anytime, yes I won again! oh man I
almost won that time! Hey Bryton your turn to play. Awesome, but pay and I
are actually gonna go get a drink first okay sweet I’ll come too sure, you
defeated an invisible ninja oh yeah did I’m Butch,
and I’m Cassie from coast from sea to sea mountain to mountain and
every time we’re the best around. no one’s ever gonna knock us down we smash
the competition to the ground . Bakugan brawl
and the winner gets a bakugan of their choice. why should I accept the
challenge? you’ve got
this yeah he’s definitely gonna win you I challenge you, tomorrow high noon! be there or be ware. I just got a bunch
of tweets about your new challenge what what do you think your chances are? can’t talk
right now I gotta get practicing whoa word got
around fast! okay you’ve got this paxton! I may have told a
few fans where you were… sorry about that Paxton well thanks for your support guys, watch
this well I gotta get back to the Bakugan
newsroom . girls are all rooting for ya, just letting you know is this where you said to me ? yeah im butch and I’m Cassidy coast to coast from sea to sea mountain
the mountain and every time we’re the best around no one’s ever gonna knock
this down we smash the competition to the ground. why do you think I’m doing
that I don’t know that’s kind of funny when we win we get your limited edition
dragonoid. whatt! no way not my limited edition Dragonoid. we’ve been collecting bakugan
for years and that’s the only one we don’t have, yeah including all the
super rare chase figures yeah until today! that will be
ours. forget this I’m outta here really?
what do you think Asia at the bakugan new station will think when I told her
that you chickened out she’ll do a whole report about it. you’ll
be the laughingstock of Bakugan. I’ll do it
let me see your Bakugan so I can choose who I want when I win! so who are you guys really? oh that was
the Trox from the Cartoon I want the 800 b power
when I win I want Oh chill okay Paxton
time for us to end that annoying winning streak I’m gonna use my seven hundred b power.
you got this back so I’m using my ultra this is gonna be easier than I thought
oh you can win the next one go get it you can’t lose again! three two one it’s okay my hydrous ultra has 800 B
power plus 50 from the baku . ore that
well my garganoid Ultra is 700 plus 150 from the pocket wait that’s 850
what do we do now? wait a second I know who wins Paxton has three attacks our
plus two more from Rockport but your hydrous only have one attack power. oh yeah they look sad maybe I should
give with my limited edition dragonoid even though what are you crazy
yeah that’s your best guy well it is yours you can do whatever you want with
it this still doesn’t mean we’re friends I did not see that
coming well guys let’s go open the other boxes
that Bakugan sent us welcome back to the ng kids studio thank
you God for sending us these awesome Bakugan and the Battle Packs so I’m
gonna be opening up the benches garganoid what about you guys I’m awesome you guys ready let’s do this guys I’m so excited I learned what these
guys are let’s see let’s open it up up on the magnet yeah oh do you guys
remember what that’s called if you know comment down below did you know this 849
different types of Bakugan to collect whoa that’s a lot of barking done and
I’m gonna figure out how to close this bad I’ve been trying to figure out how
to close all the guys it’s not a snake yeah guys awesome it’s a thing whoa Oh son I thought service never
opens oh yeah whoa and guys there’s also two ways to play the toy and battling
game and the Trading Cards version whoa check out things on Ultra card it looks
so cool and if you want to find out more about Bakugan click on link in the
description hey guys the bakugan championships is coming up so we’re
gonna go trade for it let’s go

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