Bali paragliding from Mt Agung

insects in the trees and I can hear motorbikes too.. flashes of lightning in the distance as well here we are on the summit ridge
had a pretty good sleep a big storm was dumping some rain before, there’s still a bit of virga around and these things have been flashing away all night, Denpasar is down that way… and West Bali its really getting scenic at the camp now got the shadow of the mountain on the clouds the storms lit up and look at that view, eh?
a few guys standing around the summit it almost seems worth it now I’ve just taken a short walk to the proper
summit and i think i might actually go back might be better to launch where I slept. Mt Agung. I’m ready to go, feeling nervous, but conditions are good I’d taken the risk of waiting for thermals
and it was good the conditions were perfect I had no scooter or car to get back to so it was
free for me to fly anywhere on the island I slept on that spur.
The summit is just along here, in view I couldn’t ask for much more. Just a very light breeze as I was sleeping and it picked up a bit as the sun came up There was a big cumulonimbus out here on dawn but it’s dissipated.. almost nothing left You can see all the cloud is drifting around this volcano, both sides, venturi-ing there’s not much happening here .. beautiful though looks like I might be out of the game should I make a dash for Candidasa? 45 knots you can see the difference between those clouds and those clouds – convergence I’m in So, much warmer down here. I’m getting really good glides, but hitting more wind down here I didn’t realize it at the time but that
village ahead on the right is one of those well preserved Bali ones that doesn’t
have any interactions with the outside world except for tourism I guess Wet. There’s a lot of whitecaps out here so it’s probably a touch over 20 knots so not the best I’ve decided to put it down here. It’s not ideal, but yeah – nice one. I was hot hungry and thirsty so after a
quick dip, off to Candidasa for lunch crashing waves on the rocks so I’m going to run through there. Got to
get the timing right. I’ve come here and sussed it out whew – that’s it

13 thoughts on “Bali paragliding from Mt Agung

  1. Hey Nick, nice effort flying Mt Agung. I flew off there myself 2 days ago and now totally appreciate the effort getting up there. I had a win with weather and was able to land on the beach. Such a great feeling of achievement

  2. Awesome vid Nick
    had the same life changing opportunity on saturday, the walk was heartbreaking but so rewarding flying back!!

  3. You landed in the crops with plenty of fallow fields to land in.  Error number one.  Hope you paid villagers for this mistake.  They live on what they grow.Error number two.  Flying with a camera attached to the top of your helmet is not smart, especially in any thermals.  Have fun unhooking your lines from your camera, after a collapse.  Read up on the number of accidents, including deaths, due to camera mounted line entanglement.

  4. I bet you're getting a more interest as the eruptions begin to escalate. Would love to use your footage on a youtube video about increased volcanic activity. Beautiful footage. Dave

  5. Hello there, i'm currently in bali and tryed already to hike and fly from agung but there was way too much wind.
    i would like to know if you have your gps track to share and alos where did you take off from.
    (had a nice flight from batur though…

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