Ball Games At Lunch

Foursquare, you know how the game works: you got King, Queen, Jack, Dunce The loser goes out. You’ve gotta double bounce, if it doesn’t double bounce then you’re- -out.
I wasn’t ready. I was still explaining the rules, stay there. That was a dog move. The other thing is once the person-
Out. I wasn’t fucking ready man. If you do two dog moves in a row, that’s an out. That’s not a rule. That’s a new rule for this school. Out. Dog move two, you’re out. Nah, that’s not a rule.
-see you man, see you man. It’s not fucking fair. It’s not fucking fair, man. Serve coming in. Fucking piece of shit motherfucker! Good shot man. That was sick. Thank you. Good boy GAH! FUCK! Good shot ma’am Ow! Stop it! Stop, that’s so annoying!
Stop playing- Stupid games, you don’t own the courtyard. You’re crushing it today man. All right, let’s go. Out. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!! You’re on it today man, you’re really on it. You all right? Yeah, why? Something wrong? I’m fucking nuts, aren’t I? Oi, Mr Freddy! Come play! Come play, Mr. Freddy Awww come on Mr Freddy! Mr Freddy oi come be dunce! Ayyyyy! Mr Freddy! I have a zooper dooper and I’m beating you with one hand. One hand. I’m beating you. One hand. Imagine if I had two hands. Please just let me play, Bro. No! Why not, man? No, just wait your turn. Aw you’re just scared I’ll beat you, that’s all it is. No. Broden come on man. I’m not scared you’ll beat me just please wait your turn. Broden let me play or I’ll kill your brother Mitch. Stop telling people I still like you Mark ’cause I totally don’t like- Stop throwing your balls at me Mark!
We have our periods! Sorry. Awwww sick! Ohhh!!!! That’s fucking sick! You’re fucking sick Mr Freddy! Thank you man, thank you! He’s so cool! I can’t believe it, he’s so cool Mr Freddy! His wife left him I heard. Really? Yeah, he locked himself in the library and ate Krispy Kreme donuts Go away! Broden let me play or I’ll cut the brakes of your car. Bro- I’ll cut the brakes of your car you’ll crash your car you’ll die Oh brain freeze! And I’m still beating you brain freeze. Imagine if my brain was a regular temperature. I can’t get up and yell at you, I can’t get up ’cause if I get up, you’ll see my bike shorts. I’ve got netball later. Okay fine We’ll leave, we’ll get up, I’ll leave. Don’t. Mish, don’t. No, they’re being bullies and I’m gonna go tell. Don’t tell! No I’m gonna tell. What the fuck. You guys are awful. You’re awful. Don’t don’t! I said don’t! Okay? And I meant don’t! Broden let me play or I’ll chop off your legs. Get out of here. Fuck off. Go away. Playing with kids, man. Year Sevens and shit, go away. Good job. *ominous music* *ominous music* *ominous music* *maniacal screaming* *more screaming* [someone help this man please] No one plays now! Oh no that went over the fence. Is this your ball? Nah, but we’ll have it. Nah, I think I’m gonna give it to you. Come on miss it’s all school property It’s fine. Nah, maybe it belongs to my neighbour. No, it’s my ball. I got it for Christmas, give it. Give us the ball or we’ll call you a pedo. I beg your pardon? We got this brother. I’m gonna be the King you’re gonna be my Queen. But we can’t, we can’t let each other down, alright? That man right there? Look at him, I want you to look at him. I want you to look at him. He doesn’t believe in us. Because let me tell you something Okay I… I’ll be your King Repeat after me, brother. I am a superstar! I am a superstar! There’s a fuckin’ pedo at the fence She’s a pedo! Pedo! You listen to me! My lover is 24 and he is tender. And he’s very mature for his age! And youuuuu You’ll be my Queen And nothing *indistinguishable climactic singing* You are gonna do this with me, aren’t you brother? You’re not gonna let me down! ‘Cause we gotta do this! We have to do this, you’re not gonna let me down! Alright, we got this brother, we got this. Okay let’s do this. Out. Hey good job Havey, killing it man. He’s been here for like fifteen minutes Unbelievable. Never seen someone- Actually, hey time out before we go, just wanna talk to my mates over here. Fuckin’ piece of shit. I reckon all three of us versus him, fuckin smash the dog. But tonight we rest. Tomorrow, That is when we will have victory. Yeah, I reckon we’re just get him out. I reckon if we just team up we can get him out. Yes. Ooh! Sorry Are you doing yoga? Yeah. Oh sure went in there. All right, she comes in she goes, “Oh fucking give me that” seriously She went in like that? “Oh, give me that”? What’d she go like, like that? “Oh, yeah” Replay, replay. No, that was the end. Replay. Replay, just replay it. No, that was in.
Replay it. Replay.
Sorry. You got him out. Replay. Just replay the fucking thing man. You got..
-replay. But I’m out. I’m happy- RE-PLAY! Again, what’d she do? She was like, “Awww yeah” What’d she do? She was like, “Awwwww” Yeah, show me again? “Awww” Yeah, I’m not clear on what she did. “Awww”
Yeah she was like, “Awww” What’d she do? What’d she do? I think it’s pretty clear. Oh, yeah, it feels it feels like you’re taking advantage Cool. I’ll replay that replay that No, I don’t think you…
Hard to say. No, that was pretty clearly You didn’t hit the ball I didn’t think it was There was a good three to four seconds where you acknowledge that you’d lost that one Yeah, not how I saw it. Time for one of us to be fucking King, you ready? Yes. Fuck him up. Yes, get him three two AAAHHHH! Oh my god! Aaaahhh!!! Hey! No hat, no play.

100 thoughts on “Ball Games At Lunch

  1. What about liners? 90% of arguments were about if the ball landed on the line haha. Apart from that though this was scary accurate

  2. When I saw this I thought to myself "wow the cocky kid (with the iceblock) sounds like a fkn douche" only to realise after reminiscing that I was the cocky kid. No wonder I didn't have much friends in highschool 😂

  3. this video is the best because it well captures the arguing and hate that develops in handball at schools

  4. We had the kid who would constantly shout "Out" "no that's a liner." Then run off crying when people were sick of his shit.

  5. 2:30 the number one problem every ausie legend has to fucking go through! It’s so fucking annoying ain’t it? Who agrees?

  6. What a time. Now there’s only fucking 8 square at our school, also fucking footsies and shit. I hate this game now.

  7. There were always those year sixes that ran through the game yelling “in-to in-to sorry” like cmon, you aren’t sorry.

  8. When I played I got out a lot because of my poor relexes, it was still the best thing about school

  9. "descents"
    *slogs ball

    Nek minute
    "kings breakfast"
    slogs ball in
    "lines my favour"
    "nah it was it in brah"
    *gets stabbed

  10. Why are the girls the most accurate thing is this video.

    Like it's all accurate but the girls are 👌

  11. I'm pretty sure everyone here just acted like the person they were at 12 years old.

    Zach in particular gave me flashbacks to myself in middle school.

  12. High school boys are so homoerotic 😂 the guys at my school used to slap each other on the bum all the time or grab each other’s butts and be like “lol no homo” and I was like ?????

  13. When you get annoyed with the rules so you run off with your friends and play

    We had many heated arguments over downball

  14. 4 square and wall ball were the shit at my school, Only for the most hardcore of teenage delinquents, You were cool if u could hit it through ur legs

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