Bambu voando com paraglider / Bambu flying his his human mom

Avian Welfare & freeflight bird school Bambu’s “mother” Bambu Bambu is not thrown, he flies on his own pace. paraglider instructor is maneuvering to approach Bambu sees Silvia, and he is making his mind at this moment he notices Silvia is flying Silvia is getting closer she calls him and there he goes Bambu has to deal with a strong wind Bambu is the first parrot to fly with his onwer our amazing Bambu they stayed together for a long time he decides to lower his height he makes several dives to get down his flight skills are impressive for the paraglider’s pilots now he is looking for Silvia in the air “I found you, mom!” at this time the instructor decides to land and Bambu follows Silvia untill the landing “It was great to fly with you, mom!” May Bambu be an inspiration for you to have a deeper relationship with your parrot “Dad, did you see that?”

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