Bangladesh Cricket: Proving Ourselves

Time and again, we have been censured by critics We answered all criticisms on the field Proved our abilities Conquered one big team after the other Still, our rights to play were questioned Even then, our capabilities were doubted We still have a long long way to go We have to seize many more victories We will prove ourselves with our conquests Not just once, But again and again

14 thoughts on “Bangladesh Cricket: Proving Ourselves

  1. bangladesh need to win more test if they want to shut everyone up..all thses old players only take countries that win test matches serious because they didnt used to play odi's and t/20

  2. The remarks by some Great cricketer are totally irresponsible. If SriLanka can top cricket team in the world, so can Bangladesh. It's just a matter of time and spirit of the Bangladesh Cricket team domain

  3. i agree but also bangladesh domestic system isnt that good, im bangladesh fan my self but our domestic system isnt as good as England and south africa thats why those countries find it easier to win test. Also, the countries that have been playign for longer, usually get all the big decisions their own way. But insh'Allah bangladesh will break into top 5 of odi ranking soon

  4. MrEngland92: By looking at your comment, it seems like you're a person who has forgot his own culture, nationality, language and traditions. You must be from Bangladesh, but your name says Mr England. You don't have any right comment on our domestic cricket system. we are improving and we will sustain. We don't need advice from people like you, who has lost their way and are ashamed of calling him or herself Bangladeshi. People like you are burden for our country.

  5. Everyday I see this video… Inspires me to do well everyday and motivates me to do well in life. SHABASH BANGALI

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