100 thoughts on “Bangladesh on Indian Cricket Team (AMAZING REACTIONS)

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  2. The woman in the black saree is like a typical bong girl…
    #sidhe_sidhe_ans_nahi_de sakti_kya?

  3. Yesterday bangladesh team gives a strong competition to india…u guys played really well… Love from india🇮🇳

  4. Very nice Bangladesh, Good luck to your team, You said so many positive and negative comments on my team, now being a cricket fan I suggest your team and people some thing keep it in mind, please enjoy success in good way, not by making Photoshop or Nagin dance, other than that don't celebrate early…that's it 😎….and off course your team is one of the best in world now

  5. Love you bangladesh… Calm compose… A ton of love from India… You are progressing tremendously in cricket.. Best of luck.. From India

  6. Hhhaaaaa bangaldesh se samalkar rahiyo😂😂😂😂😂 comady ka vi had hota hay

  7. To all indian , our childhood hero was dada ,sachin ,dravid,laxman etc we brought the photo and strickers of them and put our room but sorry to say your modern days player are more smart than them but but there is no creze like before ..because of some weird comment or abousing from both side ..lots of love and best wishes for World Cup:)

  8. Fans like black saree girl will never be helpful to the team, its been more than 46years where Bangladesh cricket started still its a weak and small team only because of Fans like black saree creepy.

  9. Bangladesh is a very good cricket team and they play very fearless cricket. Afghanistan and Bangladesh almost beat India but India very lucky

  10. The Pakistani who are saying bad about India…..
    About toilets
    :- then they should know that , in Pakistan 16 lakhs people don't have toilets (if you don't believe, then do Google ..)

  11. Ki footage khelo black saree…
    But jaane kissu naa…
    Baaki ra smart english…bolchey
    Aar sundor bhave explain o korchey…luv u bangladeshi…people.

  12. Good luck for Bangladesh. Give respect to us, we will definitely give you respect.
    Media isn't hype Indian cricket team because they are really trying to prove their real power. If you have any intention to grow yourself then no body can stop you. Stop trolling against India, India will definitely love you a lot you deserve.

  13. What the f**k do u mean 'we make our field as per our condition so indian play well on their ground?'
    Can't u see, u stupid, how we perform elsewhere, in England presently? Do u people have your senses wide alert during your talks, u nerds….

  14. Media mathe giye khele na, Players ra khele, media india ke boro dekhalo but mathe result jodi 0 hoy tahole sob britha. Bangladesh bhalo dol tobe ei muhurte India is far better than Bangladesh

  15. Bangladeshi people are more more developed than poor pakistani ….on the basis of decency, talking style, maturity, dressing sense..

  16. India everywhere. Nice to see that. You guys love us like you hate us kinda. It seems, we’re helping so many YouTube channels to survive. Jai Hind.

  17. Ajeeb Hain hmary dushman mehfil apny aur charchy hmary aam krty hain that's the power of Pakistan 😘 😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘😘 😘 indians are so much jealous of us

  18. Vai jara valo tader amra Indians ra jan pran dia valobasi, kintu jara gaye pore without any reason amader desh ke gala gali debe onno dhormo ke আগে theke gaye pore gal debe tader to amra chere debo na.. Fb tai sob theke boro proman je bangladeshi gulo ki rkm, sob jaigai dekhi bina karone gal dei bangladeshi ra tokon to r Indian ra chup thakbe na tai na. Amader india ja help kore bangladesh ke ta onno kono desh kore na so bangladeshi tomader eto kotha amra sojjho korbo na vai…. Jara vlo sei sob bangladeshi r jonno onk valobasa ❤️🙏…….. Jay hind 🇮🇳💪

  19. Pakistanio ko bangladesh ka logo sa english sikna cahiya… Pakistanio bangladesh sa tora siklo english 🤣🤣

  20. Bangla desh…I like u guys…we proud to say u guys r part f us….peaceful country… Have d respect to every religion ….& have huge respect to india..am glad abt u guys.
    I really think giving chance to bagla desh actors in place f pak s really best….
    Pak s just killing Indian people…manipulating our Kashmir Muslims to join terrorism…trying to stole our place… BT also dey gets chance wa.

  21. Indian ka chota beta padalikha nikla. Bangladesh. Or bda beta ek dum nalayak. Pakistan.inshalha boys played well. Pakistaniyo bangladesh walo say sikho english. 😜😜😜

  22. Can anyone give the information about the girl (who is wearing flowers in her hair) and she appeared at 1:12 of this video? She articulated her answers very well. I would like to know more about her. I am based in California and would love to chat with her. I am hoping the guy next to her is her brother.

  23. Indians are loveed bangladesh ok so don't worry about the Facebook creoles because we Indians know the language of love . Love from india.

  24. If you make a video in English, first learn to speak in correct English and with correct pronunciation. Otherwise it becomes only a laughing stock.

  25. কমলা কালার সেলোয়ার কামিজ পরা আপু ইন্টারভিউ এর সময় কোকিলের কণ্ঠে খুবই সুন্দর লাগছে

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