Bangladesh U19 vs India U19 World Cup Final Highlights 2020 | Bangladesh Vs India Highlights

well balls whoa it’s close to the head
there follows through and the throw here the umpires have just got a step in here
this is Adrian old stock here pitched up all brilliantly stopped there is a
single taken but brilliant piece of fielding tile hid Fredo is the fielder
he saves a whole stack of runs in that short cover position what a crooked eye
he is red eye exceptional batsman exceptional fielder look at that effort
and look at that throw brilliant in the end gone
that’s a strike father check bass and they’ve been probing and menacing and
now they have got their man Saxon has got a walk beautiful shot just a little short and
jazz while showing his past first boundary of the innings and I support
her on the batting perspective entice volley he’s been there he’s done the
hard work the balance they’re very good again from Jess well or the timing is
wonderful simply superb and not looking to over here that she’ll run away across this most
beautiful tabletop parent purchase from slightly over pitched but not over
hitting it just stroking and placing it through extra cover it’s a great example
of how to execute a drive wonderful feeling I did mr. Matt Sherman they’ve
been brilliant they’ve saved a lot of runs in the inner ring it just helps so
much in terms of the pressure that you apply on the two betters Big Shot the
man was up in the inner ring lots of space there are the lakeside 54 India Wow seems almost come out of noise come
down the track and all along the turf are towards cover special shot here from
to luck great use of the feet keep support along the ground they’ve got two
fields in place in their cover region let’s split slim perfectly a welcomed
boundary portal a trauma and India this guy’s the most untidy of the bowler so
far Shamim free overs for nineteen before this delivery just get a bit of
momentum back in your favor found the Indian team Oh excellent feeling but they’ve been so good in the field at
Bangladesh that’s fifty four guys well his fourth of this World Cup he has not
been dismissed for less than 50 at all what an outstanding tournament he’s
having all of that in addition to a hundred and five against New Zealand oh is this God where’s this gone water hits
the freedom with which he hit that was so impressive but of a counter-attack
execution it was perfect on that occasion just opens up the right leg
frees the arms and he’s first six carbs him back to the party finds the man sack
Eve’s got his man well going along nicely is this
partnership and a spectacular catch indeed just look at the angle as where
the fielder was positioned he will be 1 in front of squid but Bangladesh in the air and he’s gone in wall just
hold up in the surface somewhat priam garlic the Indian captain will be
disconsolate finger here he’s just pushed up one and offered a
simple chance rocky ball threads it through that extra
cover and it’s for jazz well picking his spot and he’s paid some wonderful shots
as well and there’s another example of him exposing that offside beautifully
played for more beautifully played hit hard into the
surface and flying over extra cover for a boundary in the end out big moment for
Bangladesh mister hardly delivery jazz bar looking to work it over midwicket
getting a splice of the bat and this is a significant wicket I think he’s found
it in his pocket wards are full toss on the pad appeal the fingers gone up
chewing to pop out the dish very full pitch hitting on that front pad it was
tracking towards leg the question is was it going to hit leg well it isn’t a
scoreboard and the score book excellence it really is a hallmark of
the way that Bangladesh carried themselves in the field so far in this
contest in netball alone for a hundred and seventy seven brilliant catching cracking shot through the offside what a
way to get off the mark stunning simply stunning well played
over pitched and put away a big first over for Bangladesh in this chase 13
without loss wonderful way to end the over picked up out to the leg side the two
men were in the 30-yard circle it’s slowing up good if it wise to shut but
not able to stop it and allows the boundary that’s been flagged for for oh it’s given that a huge smack onto
those grass banks for six what a good clean hit this is
brings up the 50 partnership from Bangladesh
well he spoke about how the opening care of Bangladesh I’ve spent topping is
called of this man underneath it should take the catch he does Karthik yeah he
takes the catch bushnell opting for the wrong and once again three narrow and
gets the leading edge great-looking shot from Mama dole joy that was doing the
power of good that was something different it was a bit of a hit me ball there’s one of them the wizard strikes
that is Bishoy it’s the wrong and just drifting in and turning into that inside
edge and chopping it onto that middle stump Iman is leaving the field they’ve
got two new batsman at the crease and this is a significant twist thinking I
raise it slowly bitch snow is having a wonderful spell
beautiful abode just so quick through the air the drift into the right hand or
it’s the wrong and that’s not vicked why are you playing back why question asked
question asked gone Jerell brilliant awareness behind
the stumps excellent word behind the stunts in near on fire now having said
that he surveys the vast expanses over midwicket and cars uncle a cover six
what a good blow that is eighty five four four I don’t know it but what a
beautiful shot just got the front leg out of the way Shammi I’m on strike up and over man
underneath it takes the catch this will go through this will be for for the
Bangladesh captain cuts them away back on a point it’s going to be four more cigar he’s dropped it’s
tillich varma at slip and they’re never easy it’s tip but as far as slid catches
go high on the bat it might be gone it might be gone it is Jia he takes it a
short pitch delivery has served him well in this tournament
he’s got pace this was well directed and dagi running around safe as houses runs
mess of runs for Bangladesh five will fee over one hundred and seven percent wonderful timing through the offside at
ARPA dives but he can’t stop it power and placement gets the boundary another
one in the over chips it he doesn’t get hold of it but
he gets enough bat on it this will go for four we’ve got the edge
here this is running away it’s four more and she this is pretty won’t fly
is another could ramen from Bishnoi went on offer Jaswal provides that Midas
touched this time of the ball and he’s removed him on chasing a wide delivery
to drive it and just hitting it up Ashley Akash Singh pretty
straightforward catch a text recover oh it’s times like these you think that
it’s destiny for Bangladesh what is it hit yep
just that area where the bonus foot lands and look at that tennis ball
bounce we’re calling the covers and they’re off it’s time to come down a little heavier
now want to win and one it is an Bangladesh have done it
the first under-19 Cricket World Cup title they’ll be dancing in the streets and
Douglas psyllid Chittagong around the world captain fantastic
bhorali I’ve seen it to the end by three wickets they are the world champions of
under-19 Cricket

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  2. এই মালুর বাচ্চা অভিষেকরে বাইর কর তারাতারি – কোনও কুলাঙ্গার মালু doesn't deserve to celebrate any win for Bangladesh

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