Baseball 3 4 17 vs Rutgers Newark

[background music] Doug Kimbler: The good news about this program right now is we developed a group of guys that Doug: like each other and are going to fight for each other. So I don’t think there’s Doug: ever going to be any quitting. Jarret Weis: I was very comfortable. I was comfortable our teammates would get some runs the Jarret: entire game. We just needed to get out there as pitchers and shut it down. That feels amazing. Colman Hendershot: Just one of those kind of good games that you’re glad to have him as a hitter. Colman: You see the ball a little better than you do, Honestly I’m just just glad it turned out the way it did and I was Colman: able to put the ball and play hard couple times and it works out well for the game. Matt Millus: mean 13 runs honestly with the pitching guys we have, Matt: confident that we’re going to win 90% of the games, if not all the games. Really Matt: great job by hitting today. I mean they were just putting the ball all over the Matt: place really good job on the base pass. If they put a 13 runs every game I think Matt: we’ll have a really good season

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