Baseball – Anthony Servideo Interview (1-24-20)

I know you’ll play anywhere,
but it’s kind of nice to be back to it. Yeah.
I’m really excited about it. I’ve been playing short
my whole life, and so finally getting
the chance to be back there, feel good and confident,
and I’m excited. Feel like a little bit
of a washer overturn, a lot of the guys
gone obviously, a little more of
a leadership role for you, a lot of new guys on the roster?
Yeah. A lot of guys gone.
Absolutely. A lot of guys have set up with
that leadership role, you know, and I think that’s why
we’re going to be such a tight force this year,
because we’re going to have those guys
who are able to step up and, you know,
lead the younger guys. What does that mean to you, that any one of those guys
can step up? It means a lot. It’s my turn.
You know, my first two years, I’ve been
looking up to the guys, Grae, Ole, Tom, you know, and so now
it’s my turn to do my job, and that will be successful
for the guys in the future to be able to fill in that role
when they need to. [ Speaks indistinctly ] Yeah, just, you know, come to
the field every single day with the same mindset,
you know, same attitude. Doesn’t matter what kind of day
you’re having, just, you know, just being there
for your teammates at all cost and stuff like that. Any roughness to shake off
the short or was it kind of natural?
No. No, it was natural.
I felt good. I felt comfortable
over there, so. What would be your impression
of Derek Diamond, his ball too,
just to this point. Oh, he’s a stud. He’s going to pitch
a lot this year, and, you know, in the future, and it’s going to do it
really well for us, and I’m excited
to watch him pitch and go out there
and do his thing. I guess it’s still early
in the practice, but who’s kind of the been
in the outfield so far? What have you seen out there? Yeah, there’s been a lot of guys
out there. Kevin’s been out there a little. You know, Conner Walsh. Obviously, the football guy
haves been out there. But, yeah, I think
it’s up in the air. I mean we’ll see what happens,
you know. What are your impression
of the football guys, have they got adjusted
to everything? Yeah. They’ve actually fit
in pretty well with us, and, you know,
again, swinging things and knowing how we do things
around here, and I’m excited for them, and it’s going to be
really good for our team to have them in the lineup. What helped you a little bit,
just continuity infield when you know exactly
who’s going to play second and in terms of a battle
right through right now? Yeah, definitely, I mean
it’s about everywhere. You know, that’s just
how it goes. But whoever plays is going to do
a great job, you know. They play for the guy
next to him not for themselves, so I think that’s going to be
one of the reasons why we’re going to be
so successful.

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