Baseball Bat Defense against a Taller Attacker

Hey guys Nick Drossos here, I’m here with Big Nick who is 6’7”. You got a much larger attacker with a baseball bat… Worst case scenario right now okay. Again he has got already the range just without the baseball bat, you add the bat he’s got that much more okay? Now, let’s just look at a common attack with a baseball bat that could happen that I have seen is when the person does stuff like this. So let’s say Nick do a scenario… The first thing you do, if a person puts a bat in your face, pick it up. Your hands should come up when you are talking to him. Right away pick it up whack, throw low line kicks, use the bat, headbutt, come in and start striking him as quickly as possible. Now, if he’s about to swing, its all about timing and explosive power. When would you want to step in? The instant he starts to move, actually a few seconds prior to the move. So if he’s there and he starts talking to me, I’ll step in, what do I do? I bring both my hands up and I want to bring them here. Now, he might land here, he might land here, but the main focus is you want to bring up your hands and you want to trap. Once you trap, you have to strike, headbutt, trap the bat at the same so he can’t pull it away because that’s going to be his instinct. So if he comes here and his talking to me, I step in, whack! I’ll start striking with my leg, make sure I clinch that bat and I stick it to my body and I strike with the other hand. Now, lets say he swinging already, if he is swinging what you want to do is swing. Once the baseball bat crosses the center line, that’s when you want to move in. So it’s either prior to him, coming in or once the center line crosses, you step in there. Guys, there’s no simple trick to this, it is timing. If your timing is off, if you don’t time it, if you’re timing is off, you are going to get hit that bat is going to hit you so hard. And that’s why at least have your hands up so that if you do get hit, you’re taking it to the hand versus you taking it to the head or not having your hands up high enough. So as I’m coming up my hands are web covering my face and I’m stepping in, I’m trapping and I’m striking and if he’s swinging, I time it and I come in instant the bat crosses the center line, I start moving in for the trap, okay. So, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you guys want to learn more self defense go visit our website Code Red Defense dot com. Stay safe and stand strong. [BLANK_AUDIO]

21 thoughts on “Baseball Bat Defense against a Taller Attacker

  1. I've been in this scenario and it is much harder than this sounds. Once he started swinging I wasn't fast enough to do anything. Broke my hand and arm in the end.

  2. Cool video. Just a question: In krav maga they use something called "bursting" where they also explode into the target just like you do, but instead of using both hands on the attackers arm, they put one on the attackers arm and the other into the attackers face as a strike to chock. What do you think of this? The strike to the face should also weaken the attackers attack even if he connects.

  3. I understand the purpose of this video but c'mon why not use a real Louisville Slugger instead of that souvenir bat.

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