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The weapon you carry in a game often becomes
a part of who you are. It helps you vanquish enemies, progress, and
eventually become the bes that you can be. Your weapon is an extension of you, the player. Most of the time that weapon
is a gun, but sometimes a gun just isn’t personal enough. Sometimes you want to get up close and really
show your enemies who the boss is. What better way to do that than with a baseball
bat? Its a weapon that has been included in some
of the best games in history and I’m sure you’re thinking of quite a few times when
you picked up a bat and started bashing everyone in front of you. This video looks at baseball bats in games
and how they’ve been used over time, but first, a little background. The first baseball bat was patented in 1890
by Emile Kinst. The original design had more of a curved shape
than what we’re used to today, so it was initially known as the banana-bat because of its design. Kinst wrote that:
the object of his invention was “to provide a ball-bat which shall produce a rotary or
spinning motion of the ball in its flight to a higher degree than is possible with any
present known form of ball-bat, and thus to make it more difficult to catch
the ball, or if caught, to hold it, and thus further to modify the conditions of the game”. The first innovation to the baseball bat came
in 1906 when Spalding made a mushroom design that was better suited for the sport’s purposes. With baseball bats being larger in the 1900s
the Spalding company designed a larger bat with a mushroom-shaped knob on the handle. This enabled the batter to get a better
distribution of weight over the entire length of the bat. Over time, bats have been redesigned and underwent
changes to make them better for their primary objective, to knock a ball as far as possible. Alluminum bats are more common
among college baseball but the pros will always use a wooden bat. Enough with the history, though. Let’s talk games. The simplest place to find a baseball bat
is pretty obvious, in baseball games like MLB the Show or EA’s older titles from years
past. But those bats aren’t used as weapons and
they aren’t as fun, so lets look at some appearances in
other types of games. The baseball bat features in yakuza 0 as majima’s
main weapon for his “slugger” battle style but also as equipment to use inside of battle. in yakuza you simply swing the bat to beat
up the bad guys and also use special moves known as heat actions knocking an opponent
to their knees and then smashing their face in in true japanese style
in yakuza kiwami the slugger style makes its way back back in the form of majima everywhere
as you have to face against majima in a small series of mini bosses as part of a training
regime featured in the narrative. The bat is attached
to Mojima’s character in a unique way and it offers a great deal of fun. Yakuza battles already feel epic but when
swinging a bat wildly at your opponents, it makes you feel powerful and there are few
appearances that do it as well as Yakuza. So bring your silly little katana. It won’t help you against the power of the
mighty metal bat. One of the most iconic appearances is in Grand
Theft Auto. I remember it being featured as far back as
GTA 3, although my memory fails me after that. It is normally one of the easiest weapons
in the game to obtain so you can get your hands on one pretty early on. Something that always makes me remember the
bat is the swing animation. Something about it looks especially violent
and painful, and there is no limit to how many times you can pound someone with it. Its normally a two hit kill, which makes it
a pretty good option when you don’t have a gun. Something about the bat feels guilty in GTA
and thats why its a special entry. How many times have you paid a woman for her
special services, then used a bat to get your money back right
after? I’d say at least once. This video was a bit hard to make at times
because it made me realize that we do some pretty awful things when we’re given the choice
to in our games. Using
a bat in Grand Theft Auto is a perfect example of that and I’ll always remember running around
as Tommy Vircetti and CJ, bat in hand, collecting money from the poor lifeless bodies of the
innocent npcs that feel victim to THE BAT. Not all appearances of the bat in games are
as violent as Yakuza and GTA, though. Earthbound’s main hero, Ness, is a courageous,
kind, and helpful boy from the fictional town of Onett located in north-western Eagleland. His favorite
food is steak and his signature PSI move, named for his favorite thing is PSI Rockin. He possesses strong psychic powers, and in
the year 199X, utilizes his abilities to defeat an alien invasion by the forces of Giygas. His weapon of choice? A baseball bat! While Ness should be most famous for Earthbound,
let’s be honest, we’ve probably spent more time with him Smash. Max Payne had an entire mission called baseball
bat, so what better choice to include in this video. In the mission, Max wakes up tied to a chair
with Frankie “The Bat” Niagara standing over him. Frankie uses his bat to beat him bloody
and I remember it being one of the more visually disturbing uses of Max Payne’s comic-book-like
presentation. It is pretty cringey to look at, as Frankie
Kracks and Krunches Max’s face into a crimson mask. Frankie eventually leaves
because hes the bad guy and his job is to leave the protagonist alone so he can escape,
and that’s what Max does. Bat in hand, you can then make your way out
onto the street and find Frankie later on in the bar. Max walks into the bar
carrying the bat with a menacing grin, then gets his revenge by killing Frankie and taking
his car. A fitting revenge and one of the most memorable
bat appearances I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy. An odd but satisfying place to find a baseball
bat is in WWE 2K. The wrestler Sting is famous for his use of
a black baseball bat and the game captures that very well. His famous entrance has him stroll down to
the ring, clad in all black, even his bat. It also offers a great deal of fun, because
I can’t remember having as good of a time in a wrestling game as I do when I get to
use the infamous bat on my opponent. I really do think it should do much more damage
because, well, its a bat. But its wrestling, and in case you didn’t
know this already, wrestling isn’t real. Either way, I think its one of the most entertaining
bats in gaming history. I grew up watching Sting and I used to see
him as an enigmatic figure that I couldn’t decide
on. Was he good or bad? I never did know because most heroes don’t
beat their enemies up with a bat, but Sting did. Being able to do it in a game is just all
the more enjoyable. The game that allows you to get the most out
of your bat has to be Fallout. Its one of the only games that allows you
to give your bat some personality, thanks to modifications. Barbed, spiked, bladed, and chain-wrapped
bats are all possible and it makes for some really
wonderful times smacking super mutants around. The most unique bat in gaming history, in
my opinion, is also featured in Fallout 4. The 2076 World Series baseball bat is a special
weapon that can be found as part of the Treasures of Jamaica
Plain side quest. It is definitely worth the time to get your
hands on it. If you don’t believe me, just hit something
with it. It will send your enemies literally flying
and it feels like the most powerful bat ever made. The 2076 World Series baseball bat has a unique
modifier not found on any other weapon. The effect grants all melee weapons an 8%
chance per hit to send the target flying and the higher your luck
stat, the farther they fly. When the special effect on the weapon occurs,
the sound of a baseball hitting the bat triggers, followed by a cheering crowd. It feels so good and I recommend everyone
try it at least once. Far and away
my favorite bat in gaming history. Well, I hope you enjoyed this video on bats
in gaming. I’m sure I missed a lot, so be sure to tell
me your favorite in the comments below. If you’d like to recommend a weapon for my
next video, be sure to do that too. I’m not limited
to only doing guns, so feel free to go crazy with your recommendations. If you liked this video, please do share it,
as its the only way we will grow here on YouTube. Thanks for watching, and as always… I’ll see you guys on the
next one.

15 thoughts on “Baseball Bat in Gaming | CryMor

  1. The most legendary bat is definitely the smash Bros baseball bat. Best bat ever!!! Ness one was ok but didn't quite have the same effect.

  2. Loved this video- one note though, the first baseball bat was definitely not the one patented in 1890. Professional baseball started in earnest in 1871, and baseball was a game spreading in popularity since the formalization of rules by the knickerbockers in 1845. Their bats looked a lot more like modern bats than the banana (though sans knob).
    edit: 1871, not 1872.

  3. Wrestling isn't real 😱😱😱

    I think my favorite usage of a baseball bat in my gaming experience is in Fallout. Always a solid melee weapon option regardless of which Fallout game you are playing.

  4. I really don't understand who the intended audience for this "*weapon* in gaming" series is. What's the thesis statement of this video? Is it intended for game designers interested in mechanics? gaming history buffs? weapons hobbyists? People who don't know what a bat is or how to use one? What new knowledge or insight am I supposed to come away from these videos with?
    I just don't understand why someone who isn't a super-fan of you or the specific weapon you're making the video about would be interested in this series.

  5. The Max Payne series also utilized a fake comic book and TV cartoon titled "The Adventures of Captain BaseBallBat-Boy".

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