Baseball Bat Speed Drills

Hey what’s going on guys? Today were going
to talk about baseball bat speed drills. There is a few baseball bat speed drills that I
like to work on bat speed. In fact in this video I’m going to share with you three baseball
bat speed drills that you can do to work on your bat speed. The first one is called over
under swings. What you do in over under swings is your swinging a heavier bat, your regular
batch and ta lighter bat .They’ve done scientific studies on this that it improves your bat
speed, it improves your bat speed more than just swinging a heavy bat, more than just
swinging a light bat and more than just increasing your repetitions with your regular bat. So
over under training is very important for increasing your bat speed.
What you do in this drill is you’re going to want a bat that is 20% heavier than your
normal bat, now this is a 16 ounce donut here so this is a lot heavier than my regular bat
but what you can do is if you can find; let’s say this is a 30 ounce bat 20% would be 6
ounces if I’m doing my math right 6 ounces heavier. So if you can find a 6 ounce donut
that would be great. I don’t see very many six ounce donuts so what you can do is get
a 4 ounce donut and tape pennies around it to add some more weight to it or you can just
duct tape pennies around a bat to that create that amount of weight. You can take it to
the post office I don’t know if that’s legal but they have scales there that you could
weigh it on or if you have a scale at home you can do that as well but 20% heavier and
20% lighter. So if you’re swinging a 3330 that would be 6 ounces heavier and 6 ounces
lighter for purposes of this baseball bat speed drills video I’m just going with what
I’ve got okay. So heavier, regular and then for the light I’m just going PVC stick. You
could also use a PVC stick for your lighter bat or an old bat and just add weight inside
and cap it somehow. So all you’re going to do is; what I’d like
to do is a 90 swing set. First you’re going to start down on your knee with your leg out
and you’re going to imagine hitting low and outside pitches with the heavy bat and you’re
going to take 10 swings, fast. Try and have good mechanics but fast. The whole point of
this is working on bat speed, 10 swings there. Then your regular bat low and outside. Fast,
fast, fast and then you’re lighter bat really fast, really fast 10 swings there. Then you’re
going to stand up do your heavy bat again, regular swings low and outside tee. You don’t
have to have a tee there but imagine it,10 with the heavy, 10 with the regular and 10
with the light. Then the last 30 swings are going to be Happy
Gilmore. Happy Gilmore is when we just walk behind, step, stride, swing again low and
outside tee or imagine low and outside tee and swinging as hard as you can. 10, 10 and
10 so that’s 90 swings total. Now at the end of the day you don’t only want to do over
under training because that could mess up your swing. You will always want to take more
swings with your normal weight bats okay. For example if you’re doing that 90 swings
maybe 20 or 25 after you do with your regular bat of actually hitting baseballs and then
the next day you maybe take off your over under training and just use your regular bat
for hitting practice; make sense? Very good! That’s number one for your baseball bat speed
drills. Number two is a medicine ball. Now you may
wonder how a medicine ball is going to help my bat speed. Well medicine ball is great
workout for your rotational energy. There’s a few exercises I really like with the med
ball for your rotational energy. One is going to be holding it back by your side and then
striding and throwing it underhand like that as hard as you can against the wall. Let me
show you one striding and during its underhanded like that as hard as you can against the wall
let me show you one here. I’m going to hold it, rock it back, throw it and repeat. Obviously
we want to do both sides whether I am a righty or lefty we’re doing both ways. So that’s
one exercise the other is going to be up top by your shoulders. So that’s here underneath
to the side, this one is up by the shoulder I got my hand here and I’m delivering it with
my bat shoulder; striding, throw, striding throw. You want to feel the separation in
your abs okay. The next great medicine ball drill for bat
speed is going to be squat throws. You’re going to squat down nice and deep and then
jump and explode up. You really want to be explosive when you’re doing this and you’re
actually going to jump as high as you can as you’re doing this drill working on being
an explosive athlete. Now there’s very many drills you can do with the med balls. I’ll
show you one more but there’s tons more you can do. In fact I’ve got another video that
you can watch that shows you a lot more exercises you can do with this but I’m just going to
show you one more and that’s going to be slams. You’re just going to stride out with your
front foot and slam it down. Now make sure not to throw it too straight down when your
head comes down because I’ve seen guys throw it, smash that nose. So be careful with that
one. So that’s the medicine ball drills right there.
The last one for bat speed drills is going to be the swing as hard as you can drill.
Now this drill is very simple all you’re going to do is swing as hard as you can. You’re
not going to worry about your mechanics, you’re not going to worry about anything else you’re
going to set a ball up on the tee and just go balls out right here.
That’s the swing as hard as you can drill.
Thanks for watching guys. If you want to see some more baseball bat speed drills click
the link below. Thanks for watching and please go ahead and share this video. Talk to you

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  1. Thanks for your videos. Very helpful. how heavy of a medicine ball would you recommend for a 9 year old / 53 pound kid?

  2. do u have any fun drills for tee ballers. my son is 5 and it would really help if u had any ideas. maybe even have a kid doing the drills. thanks and I subbed

  3. John, I appreciate u taking the time to make videos to help hitters. However I suggest better quality videos, edit them, and not being out of breath the whole time. I'm not trying to be mean but rather these r suggestions.

  4. Great information and I do some of these drills in the gym, on the field and at home,
    I'll start incorporating the others too. Thanks

  5. For the over under drill if im a switch hitter do i need to do 90 swings from both sides or, will just one side increase bat speed for the other side too?

  6. dumb question….when my son (8 yrs old) swings his bat 28/18 and a heavier wood bat 27/22 he can swing them within 1 MPH of one another…by chance, do you know why there is not more separation between the two? his average swing with his bat is 39.9 with a high of 44.1. The wooden bat his average is 38.7 with a high of 43.2. Thanks in advance for the feedback.

  7. I play cricket but still watching this


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