Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : Positioning the Front Foot in Hitting a Baseball

How are you doing? It’s Eric again. In previous
segments, we talked about positioning yourself within the batters’ box. Now, we’re going
to talk about once you’re in the batters’ box, what to do with this foot. Now, as we’ve
talked about, timing is a personal thing. Like I said, some guys — they need a leg
kick to do timing. Some guys have no leg kick. Some guys like myself have a small leg kick.
Now, the key, no matter which one of these that you’re doing, is to make sure that your
plant foot is solid. This is your front foot. It’ll be your left foot for a right handed
batter, your right foot for a left handed batter. Now, what you want to do is make sure
that you’re solid, that you can move back and forth. You’re not going to slip around
a little. Don’t slip around at all. Now, a common mistake a lot of people do is they
lean back on their heels a little bit. Now, what does this do? As you’re coming through
your swing, you’re going to start, if you’re leaning on your heels, you’re going to start
to spin out. Now, what that’s going to do is pull you off the ball, so it makes an outside
pitch even farther away from you that you’re not going to be able to hit. You want to make
sure, as you come down with your plant foot, that it’s solid. It’s not going to move. Again,
it gives you that solid base we talked about earlier. You should move your hips a little
bit. It’s just a little bit of movement like that. So, basically, it’s just like this:
come down, it’s solid, perpendicular to the pitcher and there you go. That’s your plant

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