Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : Reacting to a Baseball Pitch

Toady we’re going to talk about creating a
trigger. Now on our previous segments we’ve talked about creating a solid base, we’ve
talked about holding the bat correctly, we’ve talked about a starting position. Now we’re
going to talk about the trigger. This is once the pitcher throws the ball, how are you going
to react to get yourself in the best position to hit the ball? So, I’ve got my feet in a
good position, slightly open. I’ve got my bat held correctly. Now I’m in my stance.
This is again a personal preference, you know some guys are here, some guys are here, it
makes no difference. Where it stops becoming a personal preference and it becomes a necessity
is the trigger. Now, if you’re here, your trigger is still going to be here. If you’re
here, your trigger is still going to be here. The key is to push your hands back behind
your back foot. What this enables you to do is push, you have your hands back here, it
can enable you to get straight through the ball. Now, this is how it looks like in real
time. So as you can see, as the pitch was coming, rocked my hands back, pushed them
back a little bit over my back foot. That’s the trigger. That’s creating a starting point.
Now it doesn’t matter, like I said, where you start from. You just have to get the same
position, hands over the back foot in order to get yourself going to hit. And that is
creating a trigger.

12 thoughts on “Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : Reacting to a Baseball Pitch

  1. A lot of batting is preference, but when this guy 'triggers' there is a lot of head movement making it harder to track/read the pitch. To add to a comment below the bat seems to only be able to make contact with the ball on one plain.

  2. @SmileChelseaSmile Oh i know, im just saying that if your going to be teaching the basics of "hitting" then you don't want alot of movement. Especially if your teaching younger kids because the more movement you do with your preload and swing itself, can cause alot of, well misplacement (only word I could use) with your hands, and anyone that knows baseball, that little slight movement can be between a ground ball and a lineshot. I wasnt dissing his video just saying what i know from experience.

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