Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : Timing in Hitting a Baseball

How you doing, it’s Eric again. Now we’re
going to talk about timing. Now, timing is not a feeling, it is a feeling thing but it’s
not a feeling thing. There are certain points where you have to be ready to swing the bat.
Now, some guys their timing is lifting their leg. Some guys it’s bouncing the bat. Some
guys it’s just kind of feeling their way around, some guys it’s swinging the bat like this.
Now what you want to do, no matter what your timing mechanism is, whatever is comfortable
for you. You still have to get to that same trigger point that we talked about in a previous
segment. So, for me, it’s basically, a come in, get ready, boom, right there. There’s
my timing. Now, why am I choosing that specific timing? Well I’m doing it based on what the
pitcher is doing. If the pitcher is still in his wind up, there’s no point in me already
being in my trigger. What you want to try and do is time it so that as the ball is released,
your plant foot is coming down and you are already set in your trigger. That leaves you
enough time to make a determination whether is it a ball or a strike. Do I want to hit
that pitch , and then go ahead and swing. It’s all a key aspect of timing. Just getting
ready, boom, pitch is coming, now I’m ready to go. That’s timing.

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