Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : Turning the Back Foot to Hit a Baseball

As we talked about earlier in positioning
yourself within the box. Now we’re going to talk about your back foot, which is obviously
a big part of where you position in the box. As I spoke of, you want to make sure you’re
not in a whole, you want to be in the most level position possible. Now why is this?
Because if you are in a whole, you’re not going to be able to spin all the way, you
might get your foot caught, your spike caught, things like that. So find just a nice level
piece of the box, get your foot planted in it. Now what is the goal of your back foot,
what does your back foot do? Essentially all it does is that. You’re just spinning on the
ball of your foot. You don’t want to be too high, up on your toe like this, that it throws
you off balance. You don’t want to be too far back because it’s uncomfortable and as
you can see I’m falling over. So again, basically, your back foot is that right there, just on
the ball of your foot. Now what does this also do, spinning on your back foot? As we
talked about earlier in hip rotation, it’s allowing you to open your hips. If my back
foot stays solid, doesn’t move, I can’t open my hips. My hips aren’t perpendicular to the
pitcher. As I spin my back foot, it now opens up my hips, so that I’m directly looking at
the pitcher. So again, it’s a very simple thing, all you’re going to do, a lot of people,
I work with young kids, I use a little simple formula for them. It’s called squash the bug.
Basically, all you’re doing is squashing a bug with your foot right there on the ball
of your foot and that’s foot rotation.

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