Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : Where to Hold the Hands in a Batting Stance

How you doing? This is going to be the basics
of positioning your hands. Now we’ve already talked about creating a solid base with your
legs. We’ve talked about grabbing the bat, now we want to talk about, is where do you
want to put your hands. Should they be up here, should they be down here, where should
they be. Well as with most things, it’s more of a personal preference, where do you feel
comfortable. Do you feel comfortable up here like Gary Sheffield, do you feel more comfortable
having it down here, do you have it like this. The thing is, it’s not all that important
where you start when the pitcher, before the pitcher pitches the ball to you. It’s just
feeling it out, getting comfortable, getting ready for the pitch to come to you. Personally,
I like mine right about here. It creates, it is very easy for me to get, all, through
all of my motions, everything you need to do, before the pitch is on me. Basically,
all I would do is step in the box, come in, right there, that’s where my hands are at.
That’s all you basically need to do. Just find a position that’s good for you. Like
I said, some guys like it up here, some guys like it here, some guys like it here, like
this. It doesn’t really matter. It’s all about your own personal preference when it comes
to getting ready before the pitch. It’s just the fact that you are ready when the pitcher
is coming to you, is going to throw the ball to you. That is more the key and this was
holding your hands in the correct position.

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