Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : Where to Stand in a Batter’s Box

How you doing? It’s Eric again and now we’re
going to talk about positioning yourself in the box. Now as you can see here, I have a
batters box laid out for you. Now when you step in, there is a couple different factors
that go into where you want to position yourself in the box. First thing is just a personal
preference, where you feel comfortable at. Did the guy before you sit and dig and create
a big hole, so you have to go in front of it, behind it. Is it a little bit uneven in
certain spots. Typically, you want to try and find the most level spot possible in the
box. Now that’s just for your comfort level. Now you have to also adjust to the pitcher.
So if you’ve got, if the guy that’s up there is throwing extremely hard, you want to get
a little bit farther back in the box. That’s going to give you a little bit more reaction
time. Just a split second, it’s not a lot but it does make a difference. When you have
a guy that’s throwing you a lot of off speed, a lot of change ups, things like that, you
want to scoot yourself a little bit farther in the box for a couple of reasons. You want
to A. try and get the ball before it starts it’s break on a curve ball, slider, things
like that, and also if you are a little bit out in front, it lets you, it gives you a
little bit, little bit more leeway as far as where you are when the ball is coming to
you. So again, all you want to do is, set back, when you come into the box. You already
know from previous experience what the guy is throwing at you. So you want to step in
the box, in a place that feels comfortable, get ready, there you go. That’s standing in
the box correctly.

4 thoughts on “Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : Where to Stand in a Batter’s Box

  1. Every time I've ever stepped into the box, some jackasses before have dug gigantic holes that don't fit my stance… It's really annoying.

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