Baseball card opening 2020 | Collect by Design diamond baseball box | Crazy amount of AUTOS

Baseball card opening 2020 | Collect by Design diamond baseball box | Crazy amount of AUTOS what up whiz kids we are back with
another box opening and today we have collect by design monthly subscription
box this one is baseball
I believe if it’s not we will find out in a second
saw this one on Phil Hughes channel pulled some nice stuff looks like a
pretty cool product you know you get you get some packs and some hits and it goes
I think it’s a hundred and twenty-five ish somewhere around there hundred
twenty five ish maybe some shipping or something like that so this is their uh
their top rate top of the line product thing diamond door platinum tier so they
have a few different tiers so whatever is in your price range or whatever but
this is the top of the wine and you know I only work my magic on a top-line stuff
so see first oh okay thank you for being a supporter of our sports cards Diamond
subscribers which is what I signed up for your birthday break top-shelf box
additions mail day waiting for months rip packs and potatoes is too long
I mean customers get K packages at random exclusive raffles premium
autographs that’s cool and it says they do not jacked up juice or fix boxes for
YouTube breaks I don’t know that because this was a this was open I feel he’s
doing a real sweet box so it’s littered I don’t know buy yeah most of you like
it’s pre good product you know okay I’ll give any anybody a chance but I saw this
when I went through it you’re due to receive an authentic autograph of Yogi
Berra career highlights and awards little peanut stuck on there um wow
that’s sick yo you bet I wonder I wonder if this is a maybe like a picture or a
Jersey card I don’t know what uh what it would be on must I mean on it must be
something bigger than a cart or I imagine they would have just stuffed it
in there maybe it’s like a photo or something
like that let’s look at what we got in here long and chrome on it but that’s
definitely not all bomb and chrome in there
Bowman’s best definitely looks like there’s some Bowman’s best in there but
not it’s not the entire thing cut a little socks stick here yeah a White Sox
fan I’m an ace fan out here in the bay yeah get that up there collect by design
alright so yeah looks like we got a bunch of packs maybe some hits I think
you get some supplies and stuff in here too got a little sock sticker up there
we’ll save the Bowman fast a second click and rip through this really
quickly looks like a lot a lot of packs in here yeah so here we go
Bowman Chrome couple pecks of almond chrome tops finest archives baseball
tops stadium club top series to impacted on us and we got a hit Dansby Swanson 12 out of 50 that’s
pretty sweet little hit right there insert rookie card yeah that’s nice what
is this even out of I haven’t seen these cars before DCRA I don’t know what that
is but that is a sweet hit nice looking little rookie card I think uh take just
about anybody on the Braves play on the battle card right there in our second
little bundle of joy not bad Bowman’s best
I love Bowman’s best actually got a box of it right here that I’ve been waiting
to rip I wasn’t sure if I was gonna razz that off but yeah Bowman’s best Bowman’s
best Bowman’s best three packs of Bowman’s best series one Alan and Ginter
tops and chrome gypsy Queen a couple of supplies top loader and a OneTouch man
this is a lot of packs three Bowman’s best a couple bowmen chrome love that
tops finest is pretty nice series one Ellen and Ginter tops chrome gypsy clean
archives oh my gosh this is so many pecs there’s no way we can open all of this
in this video this is just too many pegs already at five minutes no there’s just
no way we’re gonna save these ones I’ll rip them off camera or maybe in a second
video and just upload it if we get something big and for this one we will
just rip these seven packs of what I would think are kind of the better
products yeah that other stuff nothing too crazy in there but maybe we close I
know the the Bowman fist has really good really good odds for autos so if we
could pull something out of that that would be huge we got the magic crystals you know we’re
working our our magic this is 2019 yeah 2019 Aaron George Jose Ramirez boom
first pack Otto Colby Allard rookie and a Cody I mean that’s pretty sweet I got
to throw that in a sleeve Cody Bellinger a Konya but without any nice I’m
actually sending a guy a little lot of a Cunha stuff so throwing a few packs of
or two single bass cards of him and stuff just for nice little addition max
Muncie Cedric Mullins if you guys if you guys watched left lufs breaks on
instagram he pulls so much Cedric moans that’s hilarious
well I’ve seen that guy pop up alright bomb in Chrome 2019 right yeah 2019
chrome also loved this stuff very nice stuff Oh another Auto are you kidding me
Richard Guyardo moment first two autos alright two autos out of three packs
okay we’re killing it already Josh Bell and some bass another bomb and chrome
yeah cuz I don’t really think at the moment Chrome’s I mean they have decent
odds for our autographs but it’s not like the Bauman’s best I know bones best
you’re getting four per box I think chrome is to maybe correct me
wrong in the comments but refractor Brian Abreu out of $4.99 a nice little
numbered card there Nolan Arenado another guy I’m actually see I have two
trades kind of going out one is for an errand auto fan car turkey boom rookie
and one is for the hakuna guy so set those aside and just stuff their boxes
with some with some random base cards for him he’ll come up a little bit
Anthony Rizzo looks like he’s popping a squat love that pose Sixto Sanchez oh
shit are you kidding me we got another Auto because that is backwards Cody
Bellinger so let’s see Paul Goldschmidt Nate low auto three three Auto is out of
four packs is this for real all right sorry about the camera I got to set up
on this a little flexible holder thing so if you touch it it shakes like crazy
alright two more packs of Bowman’s best of bang these out man
we already got four out of three autos and a numbered card Jose Abreu
Clayton Kershaw Ozzy alby’s nolan gourmand with the franchise favorites
parallel and a car turkey boom atomic rookie not bad there either I like that
kid one more Bowman’s best can we pull an auto out of this let me work my magic
come on hocus-pocus abracadabra let’s get an auto end it on a nice
little auto come on just a Sheffield I got a bunch that guy oh my gosh it’s
an auto Ramone Laureano for the A’s Oh Pete Alonzo power producers rookie card
atomic Jeff McNeal come on Big Time Auto here let’s end
on a banger one time boom Alec Manoah not not exactly who
we’re looking for but man this is a ton of autos are you
kidding me I the value on this box is crazy right
not a shoot sorry let me get some of these loaded up in some sleeves but man
this was this was huge look at all these autos were pulling out nada not the best
names unfortunately but man that is sweet and I mean look I still I got half
the packs I haven’t even touched him yet these uh these premium packs definitely
lived up to the hype we’ll be Allard but I mean yeah some
nice nice rookie autos that first auto the Swanson guaranteed hit I mean that’s
just a ton autos and I got this numbered Brian Abreu which is pretty nice too man that is sweet so yeah we’re at 11
minutes so I think I’m gonna end the video here if I do end up pulling
something huge out of these I will add that on at the end
but anyways uh checkout collect my design
you know I’d recommend obviously seeing what we pulled here I would recommend
the diamond tier and from seeing some of the other box has all been you know
definitely have some good stuff in there but if you have a you know a lower
budget pick whatever you know fits your budget don’t go crazy it’s just car
collecting and stuff but yeah like and subscribe I’m gonna be doing some more
of these videos I’m trying to subscribe to pretty much every type of box I can
get my hands on so if you guys know any that I haven’t done a opening of comment
let me know let me get that order we can bust open some more boxes
our magic pull some big hits you know how we deal she’s I am

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