Baseball Card Trove|Baseball Card Collection Found In Ohio Attic Worth $3 Million +

greetings ladies and gentlemen how are
you today baseball card collection my name is dan di aman urban
treasure hunter i read a story yesterday in my news feed back just to get any
treasure hunter beside themselves with excitement
than i can go to all the details of the story because i put a link to the story
right below in the description of the video
but the long in the short as it was that a family
had found a troll of baseball cards in the attic a home at the age
uh… inherited from i’d you know deceased dot aunt and
down back baird had left the contents of the home to her twenty nieces and
nephews and of the eric was the last surviving
member of the but three generations of quarters of
pakrats who lived in the house of now the funny thing is that when we
think quarters of everything to pakrats realistic a people who or just on the
old living in squalor who live in unhealthy environments because they just
classroom when eating away stacks in newspapers all clothes whatever it might
be logistical quarters of quarters is kind of a a dirty environment
on but the funny thing is about fourteen especially when it comes to three
generations of quarters um…
if u ever run into the property of a border
uh… whether you’re buying out in the state
warrior you do you do one basement or garage clean a house at clean a house or
you don’t even if you final the uh… storage locker of of border
there’s and embryo off a lot of junk that needs
to be dealt with when you’re bumping into people longings awful order
but the thing about borders is in pakrats review or call them
very you know there’s never been no telling what it is you might find and
uh… what it is they’ve accumulated over a lifetime because they have
the did they have the inability to throw anything away
that means that they may also have held onto what could turn out to be a very
valuable artifact animus article and get a link is below
that is exactly what the family in ohio it down
when they found the strolled baseball cards that
you know like i said it did worth in excess of three million dollars now
you know crosses treasure hunters who are out there going to storage auctions
are using a young using a metal detector on the beach bar
go into estate auctions or you know he was salvation army wherever we do for
treasure hunting it’s highly unlikely that will come
across you know something the week haiyan you know a minimal sum of money
for it and find that it’s got some astronomical value
but it does happen and the only way that you can give
yourself the opportunity of actually finding that kind of a young
a treasure trove finding something that has just got in seen value for the price
that you paid is if you actually out their treasure hunting obviously to
knock out there treasure hunting then you’re not getting
yourself any opportunity to come across uh… treasure baseball card collection
um… and one thing that i’d found that really helped me a great deal
is to speak with other treasure hunters has a lot of us out there maybe we’re
not as vocal about our treasure hunting in divers you know i do have this
youtube channel and to produce a lot of videos and i love connecting with other
treasure hunters who are out there maybe you know that i know that for a
fact that there’s not a lot of people were a lot of treasure hunters
are putting utube shells operative doing all these kinds of videos but
newly really is very helpful when you do connect with other treasure hunters
trade ideas talked about dot raping a treasure hunting in divers in and you
know one one person with the treasure hunting in at storage auctions the
element to treasure hunting at garage sales a flea markets wherever it might
be but when all those thoughts always treasure hunters get converge
in one place it only helps everybody uh… at-large
for example i provide make these videos and i i think urge people to comment on
the videos and you know you talk to me i’ll talk back
it’s good for both of us we have that interaction but not only that it’s also
good friendly yeltsin stumbles across a video
who also lands on on that you know what my channel whoever else is channel this
is helpful to the entire triggered by the community
to that end i have created a face book page
it’s called awesome auction profits i caught you know awesome auction profits
because i and to have a lot of storage auctions that as much for aggressive of
attracting but it is a community of treasure
hunters and if you are one if you are a treasure hunter that might or means
join the community i head on over there uh… become a part of it you could talk
to me uh… communicate with me on backed up
that page i promise i’ll talk back plus you came
talked to the growing community treasure hunters that are
flocking to that uh… so that they had page so by all means go
there it’s face book dot com slash
also also auction profits and if you want to give yourself a real
boost real kicking the ass and kara schmidt
for continuing your treasure hunter and divers
play all means click on the link below found in his video
read about this troubled baseball cards that was uh… just recently uncovered
it’s it’s absolutely amazing it really is so that’s it for now my name is dan i
just want to make sure that you did see that article
happy that you read it you think that i gave you the reported your attention to baseball
card collection and uh… that’s a i’ll talk to you guys
soon i’m out

6 thoughts on “Baseball Card Trove|Baseball Card Collection Found In Ohio Attic Worth $3 Million +

  1. So true I just clean out a hoarder this week and found 160 in gift cards, purses, un used Polo spray, Gerber knives a little 14k and other good stuff.

  2. Hay Dan
    Long time no see.
    I keep lookin to find my treasure…I actually just get a kick out of finding even little treasures!

  3. hay man i got a elvis picer and star trak videos here on youtub if you can take a look and
    till me were i can go to have them look at it be nice man i am and santa rosa C.L

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