Baseball Dreams Possible | Children’s Hospital of Illinois

We don’t know where he would have been if he didn’t have the surgery. If he wouldn’t have had the care he did, I don’t know that he’d be able to do any of the things he’s doing now. Since Brady’s surgery – it’s been seven years – he’s, you know, developed into a normal, very active 11-year-old. He’s been able to do, you know, almost everything he’s wanted to do. He, you know, plays basketball. He plays baseball. Baseball’s, you know, just the love of his life. In January 2010, he got real sick over the weekend, but it was a typical, you know, kid get sick, fever type thing. We took him to the doctor, his pediatrician, on that following Monday . You know, at that point he knew something was wrong and so he sent us straight to the hospital to get, you know, some x-rays, to get some blood work done. Until then we thought, you know,
he was a perfectly healthy 4-year-old and we come to find out that he was born
without a kidney and we didn’t know it. We had settled on the DaVinci method
because we knew it was going to be much less invasive. The recovery time was gonna be much quicker than if they would have done the open procedure. It was a four-hour surgery and Dr. Rhee was wonderful. I mean, he ket us updated throughout the whole surgery. You know, they kept calling us in the waiting room, updating us, telling us what they found. The most important thing was just the convenience having the Children’s Hospital so close to us and having a world-class doctor like Dr. Rhee, who was here to do his surgery. We would have thought we would have had to travel to, you know, St. Louis, Chicago, Wisconsin, somewhere like that to get this type of health care. So the fact that he, you know, he got the care that he did just opens so many doors for him and it gives him the opportunity to flourish as a teenager, as an adult. You know, all those things that, you know, he’s got such a bright future ahead of him that I don’t know that he would have had
if he didn’t get the care that he had.

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