Baseball Drills and Exercises to Build Core Strength | Kinetic Bands |

Speaker 1: Great exercise here for your abdominals,
balance, shoulder stability, all the above. What you need to do is you get the ball underneath
your feet, you bridge up with a nice flat back and we are going to roll the ball underneath
our abs, so go ahead and roll it. Great for balance, great for hip stability,
awesome for shoulders but you really got to roll this thing under so you feel it in your
abs, okay. Good, that’s perfect. This here is a great exercise for shoulder
stability and core strength. He’s going to walk in and out on the ball, keeping his abs
tight and his core flat the whole entire time. If he begins sagging, pressure on his low
back is going to hurt his spine. That’s not exactly what we want. What we want to do is
walk all the way out to around our shoe laces, he’s bridged up on his shoulders and he is
coming on back. Make sure that you don’t let your shoulders
roll back. We want to be working through the resistance and bridging up our body.

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