Baseball Equipment & Skills : How to Break In a Leather Baseball Glove

Hi I’m Tony Naile and today I want to talk
to you about how to break in your leather glove. Again, this is a common sense thing.
Keep your glove clean. Let me touch on a couple things what not to do. The old remedy, run
over it with a car three or four times, submerge it in oil or water, those are not things to
do. And your good gloves most manufactures in the palm of your glove here, the reason
you see it get darker earlier is because you have two strips of leather and in the center
of the leather they have a break-in oil already made by the manufacturer. Alright, you can
use break-in oil if you like. Preferably, I like shaving cream or baby lotion. I use
baby lotion more because it smells better. It’s a conditioner and it’s a cleaner, Unlike
some oils, oils soak into your glove. They make your glove heavier they attract sand
and dirt much easier. If you’re going to use shaving cream, just a cheap shaving cream
is fine as long as it has lanolin in it. That’s an ingredient that softens and conditions
your glove better. The best way to break-in your glove is to break-in with your hand in
it as much use as possible. Put the conditioners on the parts of the glove that bends such
as right here, where it bends. Once you condition the glove, put some ointment on it or lotion
of some kind put the ball in your glove and your normal hand shape, close the glove up,
tie if you like, put a string around it, put under your pillow, let it break-in and keep
your pocket formed. And then catch everything in sight.

11 thoughts on “Baseball Equipment & Skills : How to Break In a Leather Baseball Glove

  1. I literally hold my glove and work it all day for like at least a week straight when i first get it, I also play a hella lot of catch

  2. I found that if you just use the glove a lot the pocket will form and also overnight put a ball in the new gloves pocket and put rubber bands a round it and then put it in the freezer. I don't know why that works well but it does.

  3. Dude…the dark spot you see in the pocket is caused by bleed through of adhesive, not any oil manufacturers put in gloves.

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