Baseball Equipment & Skills : How to Care for a Wooden Baseball Bat

Hey it’s Tony Naile I want to talk today how
to care for your wooden bat. This is a great common sense answer to this. Just keep your
bat clean. If you use fine tar or any kind of gripping substance on your bat, try to
clean it after each and every day. Use a substance with rubbing alcohol, cleans it better than
most things. Keep it dry. Keep it bagged. When you’re storing your bat over the winter
use keep it stored in the same temperature as much as you can year around. If your using
your bat in batting practice, we like to use ankle tape on the hitting surface of the bat.
Keep from breaking your bat. Also if you’re going to, the best to have the same model
bat, the same weight bat exactly as you can, and use your game bat for games and your other
bat for batting practice. You need six or seven bats, have your Dad buy you some. Just
care for your bat keeping it clean, keeping your hand grips on there keeping it stored
in good temperature is the best thing I can tell you is just and don’t loan it out to
people that might break it. These bats are very expensive, very important to you. This
is how you make your living. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Baseball Equipment & Skills : How to Care for a Wooden Baseball Bat

  1. why would you want to keep a bat clean? and you don't tape the barrel do prevent it from breaking, it's only used on ash bats to prevent flaking overtime and on maple just to see the ballmarks better maple is much morse dense so it doesn't flake.

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