Baseball Equipment & Skills : How to Choose a Baseball Bat for Little Leaguers

Hi I’m Tony Naile and today I would like to
talk to you about how to purchase a baseball bat and things to look for in your purchase.
If you are a Little Leaguer you want to look for a bat that is your right length. Normally
what we like to do here is put the end of the bat underneath your arm pit here reach
down and the end of your fingers should be at the middle of the sweet spot. That will
give you the proper length of the bat to buy. As far as the weight of the bat, this will
be referred to as a minus something or drop something. It is like drop ten or drop twelve.
This is actually just a difference in the ounces subtracted from the length. For instance
this is 29, 17 that gives you minus 12. The bigger the number, the larger the bat. A you
get in Little League you will be using this bat until you are sixth grade. Then you go
into middle school ball and it is a drop three thereafter. In most of your rec leagues you
are required to use a small barrel bat such as this a 2 and 1/4 inch bat. In tournament
play and travel ball teams they are allowed to use what we call a big bat, a big barrel
bat but the minus and the drops are the same thing. If you are using a wood bat, the things
to look for in a wood bat is just to depending on the kind of bat that you want to use, if
it’s an ash bat or a hickory bat or a maple depending upon the hardness of these bats
just get one that feels good to you. One thing you can look for on the grain is the straighter
that your grain is and the tighter, the close the stripes are in your grain, usually is
a better bat. It’s been cut by wood, it is not around a knot or a tree that has been
bent. That gives you the straighter grains. After that you can also look for a bat that
has got the proper knob on it. This knob is a beveled knob that kind of slides and your
hand kind of slides off whereas this bat is more rounded off. Just whatever fits you best.
Some people like to put their thumb over the top and some people like to stay up on the
bat so this is all just a matter of preference.

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