Baseball Exercises to Prevent Little League Elbow in Baseball Pitchers

Kerry Waple: Hi I’m Kerry Waple, Certified
Athletic Trainers at Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine. Little league elbow is a common problem that
plagues young baseball throwers. Those especially who throws past the in dermis
levels of the muscles of the forearm. The soft tissue and the growth plates on the
inside of this elbow weaken and produce pain. If left untreated, this can produce damage
to the joint surface. When our shoulder becomes weak, and tired,
we tend to drop our arm when we throw like Markell just did there creating an excess
force on the inside of the elbow. Now when you throw on a normal overhead position
that takes a lot of the force of the inside of the elbow it’s important for our arms,
our core and our legs to work together to reduce the fatigue on the throwing arm. Some
of the exercises that we do here to help prepare the elbow for throwing are wrists curls. So, in this position he’s just bringing his
wrist up, strengthening a lot of the muscles on the inside of the elbow. We can also turn the wrist over and do wrist
extensions in the same position. Good. Now, we’re going to put him in a push up position
here and with his arms core, hips and legs engaged, we’re going to have him rotate side
to side. Strengthening all of the muscles in the throwing
motion all at once. OK. So we want him in a nice straight alignment with all of the
muscles engaged. Beautiful. OK, the next exercise is something called
the dead bug. In this position we want Markell on his back with his arms extended in this
position, looks like a dead bug. Now we’ll rotate side to side and his core
is completely engaged during this exercise as it should be in a throwing motion. Good,
thanks Markell. This exercise, it’s very important to do this
prior to practice especially during your non-throwing days. This helps reduce the stress on the
elbow. Register now for a personal best entered prevention
programs. Click on personal best programs under find
a service or condition.

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