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Hey guys! It’s me, Nikki. And it’s time for a new Nikki’s Wiki! Today’s report is all about baseball, our national pastime. Baseball is played on a baseball diamond. How am I supposed to run on this? Not that kind of a diamond. A baseball diamond has an infield made of dirt, surrounded by lots of green grass. Baseball players wear a uniform. And have to wear a hat at all times. No good. Nope. Not a fit. I don’t think so. Aha! Perfect! All you need to play are four bases… A baseball… And a bat. I hope it’s not a double header. Not that kind of bat. Baseball bats are made of wood. You’re out! Baseball season starts with Spring Training in February. The regular season lasts 162 games and goes from April to September. And then it’s the Playoffs in October. Nine months of baseball? Woo-hoo!! Major League Baseball has 30 teams. Some are even named after animals! Like the Orioles, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Cubs, Tigers and Marlins. This sure beats the zoo! The teams are divided into the American League and the National League. Every year the best team from each league plays in the World Series. The first World Series was played in 1903 when the Boston Americans beat The Pittsburgh Pirates. Argh! The team that has won the most World Series championships is the New York Yankees. They won 27 times! No wonder this city never sleeps,
we’re too busy winnin’! The Yankees also had baseball’s most famous player: Babe Ruth. He was known for hitting lots of home runs… and eating lots of hot dogs! All these home runs are making me hungry. The fans can eat hot dogs at games too! And lots of other goodies, like: Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Ice Cream, Pretzels and Cotton Candy! Now I know why this is the national pastime! Next weekend, we’re going to the dentist! Don’t worry, Dad. There’s lots of healthy snacks at baseball games too. Like fruits, vegetables, salads and sushi! Most baseball teams play outside in the sun. Take me out to the ballgame… What a beautiful day! But some teams play in a dome, so the game goes on even if it’s raining. Play ball! So maybe you’ll get to go to a baseball game this year. But it’s even more fun to go outside and play baseball with your friends! Click here for more Cool School episodes! And don’t forget to subscribe! Bye!

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  1. Your awesome Nickie and so is everyone in Cool School.I learn new things from you guys and tell my friends about you

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    cool school you are so cool.I wish I could be in cool school with you guys. you guys are so so cool.


  4. +Cool School Im Doing baseball at my school in gym,also where is nikki's real voice Please comment Back!!

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  6. today I'm going to a baseball game I'm going to the st. Paul Saints it's the first game of the season of 2016

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