Baseball Field Project

So I’m here with Matt Midkiff, head
baseball coach, can you tell us a little bit about the renovations
happening to the baseball field? We’re actually really excited about this
we’re under construction with our Prudente press box named after famous
swarthmore coach Ernie Prudente as well as our bleacher stands and the
stadium seating so we’re really excited about about this part of the
construction we’re hoping it will be ready to go in time for our season. And
how do you think this is going to affect the spectators and the players on the
field for the upcoming season? I know our fans are going to love it, it’ll
help with recruiting and our guys are going to be really excited. They’re very
excited to see the final product it’s been a long time coming, a lot of work
from a lot of people, so we’re really excited to get this taken care of and
get it ready to go, but it’ll definitely enhance the experience for everybody. And
can you tell us a little bit about the dorms being built as well? Yeah this is a
really exciting project as well something that’ll make our field really
unique especially in Division three baseball but I think baseball across the
country. We’re actually, as you can see behind me, there are under construction
some new dorms, residence halls for our students. What they decided to do was
integrate the outfield wall with the dorm so that’ll be really neat. There
will be some student lounges that will look right onto the field at ground
level. There’s a terrace above a 14-foot wall that people can hang out and watch the
games, so we’re really excited about about that project and that should be
done in fall of 2017 And can you tell us a little bit about the
dimensions of the fields for this year? Yeah this is going to be pretty neat. The
the construction is taking away about 20 feet of outfield space so they went up
with a huge net as you can see out there. It’s about a 20-foot high net so it will
make for some interesting outfield play and should be exciting to watch. So
really excited to see how that comes into play as we move into this season. Reporting from the freezing cold Clothier Field, I’m Deanna Starr.

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