Baseball Fielding Drill: Weaving Through the Cones

Hey guys Joel here at BASE by Pros again, sharing one of my favorite infielding drills to develop some footwork speed and also some athleticism as we’re fielding it. So what we have right here is we have about six cones laid out. Again, maybe like six feet apart in between. Doesn’t necessarily have to be cones. These could be baseballs – very easily the same – but what we’ll do is we’ll start our fielders on their glove side of the of the line, and we’re just going to kind of “falling leaf” right here. Just weave through the cones, progressively getting a little lower and getting a little bit more athletic and dynamic as we go through. So it’ll start, you know, we’ll prep step, clear our feet, shuffle through, shuffle through, shuffle…just getting lower, getting lower, getting lower. And then that coach will feed it. We’ll go ahead and get into our fielding position from there. Good a little lower as we go. Good. Atta boy. Good, and then Colby you’ll go ahead and you’re gonna get the chopper at the end. So you get the bouncer. Boom, staying low and a little bit lower each time. Good. You can go faster than that. Get it going. Yeah! Perfect!

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