What’s up guys? Coach Madden, here with Doug Bernier, former major league infielder
had a fielding percentage of 1000 in the major leagues so when we’re talking
about fielding this is the guy you want to listen to he’s also got a YouTube
channel Pro Baseball Insider so check him out there but he’s going to share
with us some fielding drills that he loves to do and that can help you be a
better fielder right yeah for sure well you got so all right so there’s a couple
variations of the same drill that I like to use I call them daily drills because
this is something I will do every single day and it always starts with me on my
knees so kind of to start I’m gonna throw my glove to the side I’m gonna
throw the baseball to the side and we’re gonna use a tennis ball now the reason I
like using tennis balls is if you’ve ever tried to catch a tennis ball with a
bare hand it can be difficult at times you have to have soft hands you have to
not be hard and like just you know go after the baseball you have to be able
to you know be relaxed with your hand and so that’s what I like to do it so I
get on my get on my knees here and I have a partner throw me the ball and
what I’m working on is there’s gonna throw me a short hop and I’m just gonna
work on going through the baseball and or the tennis ball and secure it I’m
gonna do maybe about ten of these I’m not gonna overdo it but I’m just gonna
do that if you’re by yourself throw a throw a ball off a wall throw it off a
garage door do it in your house you know do it away so your parents don’t get mad
at you but throw it off the wall and just work on securing the baseball then
do forehand same thing turn it around do some backhands and
just using a tennis ball with your bare hand you will find that over time at the
beginning if the ball is not gonna stick the balls gonna hit and just fly out but
after a while the balls gonna start to secure the book you’re gonna be able to
start to feel the ball you’re gonna notice when you put the glove on your
hand and your fielding a baseball how much easier it actually is so that’s
where I like to start then from there I like to put the glove on and use a
baseball same idea I want to have my you know a partner or whatever and I’m gonna
be up on my feet and I’m gonna work on feeling through the baseball I can do
four hands I can do backhands but it’s the way just
it’s a way to get a lot of reps in in a short amount of time and make sure I’m
doing it right so those are the two things that I like to do just to get the
day started I feel like that’s a good kind of hand-eye coordination get
everything working and go from there those are awesome one other one I like
to do when you’re down on your knees with a wall is actually have a guy
behind you throwing it so you don’t know where it’s going and you have to react
more to that ball I really like the tennis ball on to because you have to be
real soft with that yeah well let me ask you this when you were growing up yeah
where you always thrown the ball off the wall off the off the thing all the time
all the time like I I set up a IIIi taped up my garage door you know and I
would throw I’d have targets I’d be throwing balls off that thing I would do
you know ground balls off it all the time I would have a tennis racket in my
hand and I’d be hitting balls off the wall and everything and even actually
until the last I mean even up until the last year I played I mean this is kind
of a funny story but with the gym we work out at I would take my wife there
sometimes and she just launched racquet balls at me and I would just sit there
in the racquetball court and just try to catch it barehanded and that was kind of
a way to get used to seeing velocity and just trying to react and so yeah I’ve
always kind of like tried to think a little bit outside the box when it comes
to fielding that’s awesome that is so cool
yeah my parents I remember growing up would you know my mom didn’t want me
doing stuff in the house too much but my dad was like just let him you know throw
him wherever as long as I didn’t break any rate so if you’re a parent you got a
young kid who’s high-energy and he’s throwing balls all around maybe just
give him an area one spot in the house that he can’t really break anything
because I think that I think a lot of baseball players are the same always
playing with a ball just having a ball throwing it around yeah I think it’s a
good thing like obviously there’s times when we want to get coached and work on
mechanics and stuff but I learned a lot just by throwing the ball off the wall
and just trying to be creative and work on things and it’s funny because in my
in my baseball career I was very mechanical and I worked a lot on my
hitting and the hitting was always the part of my game that was you know was
suspect you know sometimes it was there sometimes it wasn’t but with fielding
and throwing it more of a feel I developed a feel
overtime just okay I’m trying to hit a target how am I gonna do it and I just
did it and over and over again all of a sudden it kind of became you know
natural and I wasn’t thinking so much about it and so I think it’s good just
go play man I mean that’s that’s good stuff when it’s fun that doesn’t seem
like work right actual like you know when you have to go to practice and you
and you’re made to do things it’s it’s hard to get into it sometimes but when
you make it a game yourself and you’re doing it for fun I’m used to go out
there for hours just because it was fun right remember it’s a game like go out
there and have fun with it because that’s what it’s all about my dad and I
used to play a game called we called it errors but it was just against the wall
yeah and we would throw it as fast as we could and try to get it by the other guy
so like we would take turns I would throw one and you would have to chase it
down wherever I threw it filled it if you made an error then I got a point
right and you will get it throw it as fast as you can I would try to field it
if I made an error you would get a point and we played two you know 21 or
something and we’d be there for hours man I remember my arm would be hanging
after that that’s one thing you gotta watch out for is throwing too many but
right man it was so much fun so just I guess that’s the biggest thing I could
tell you because I don’t know much about fielding other than that I’ll stick the
pitching yeah we used to play like we had a bunch of friends that were in the
neighborhood and we’d go out and we’d play in the street and we would do that
for hours we would just be hitting balls we’d be throwing to each other we’d be
catching and just that stuff just just when you can develop good habits by
having fun and not thinking too much about it you get better pretty quick
and so you know sometime I mean like I said all that other stuff is good but
sometime just go out and have fun and don’t think too much about it just enjoy
the game for what it is so now you talked about going bare hand with the
tennis ball using a baseball with a glove I see you got a mini glove on here
you have one that’s mine but you have one similar at home do you tell us about
using a smaller glove what do you like about that okay I like using the smaller
glove because it forces you to concentrate a little bit more on the
baseball when you have like um you know just your normal glove it’s larger so
you can get away with some things you know if you have some bad habits but
this you got to be locked in or that ball is either gonna squirt underneath
your glove or it’s gonna kind of bounce out so just the concentration
is a little bit higher when you have a mini glove that’s awesome that’s good
stuff that is good stuff thank you dog yep guys if you want to
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