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I’m freshmen first baseman Bret Wisly from Cypress Texas I’m really hoping those sponsors come through in the clutch and buy us some new equipment, so we can get a journey on to Tennessee. We’re having our annual fundraiser, so we can get money for transportation, new field equipment, new equipment for ourselves. We’ll be sending out emails with links to donate to our college for the team to get our equipment and everything this year and we’re gonna be mainly using the funding for a new pitching machine which we desperately need. My name’s Brandon Rains. I’m the head baseball coach here at Brookhaven College. Basically you know all small colleges have to do fundraising just to pump money into their program and we’re no different. We’re very well supported by the by the college and by the district however, you know, there’s no amount of money that a coach can’t spend and every amount of money that we spend goes right back towards the players. We don’t save any of it. We’re about to get a new pitching machine, which is definitely not cheap. We use the fund raisers for our out-of-town trips down to Beeville. We also have an out-of-town trip up to Arkansas. An overnight trip to Shreveport and this is all for the student-athletes benefit. There will be a link in this video to go donate, and you should be receiving an email with a link also and in the past it’s helped us get whole new uniforms each year. We get a bunch of new equipment for our pitchers, for our hitters everything that we use this year. It would be covering our expenses for traveling like food and what not because we have 42 players on our team. We need a little bit more money so we can feed everyone and have a good hotels to stay in. I’m excited to meet these new group of guys. I’m coming in to a great program fresh off the MAC Championship, so we’re looking to help to do that agai,. for repeat action. We have 42 players on our roster, so it’s a lot of expenses so we need some funds to get everyone on the road and get everyone back fed and sleep safe. A pitching machine to help better our team as a whole and any sort of donations would be greatly appreciated. We’d like to say thank you to all the supporters and people who are gonna donate for us this season. We really appreciate it and we hope we can see y’all at our home games and that we win the World Series this year. Every little bit counts. Thank you

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