Baseball Highlights at Minnesota (03.04.2020

the South Dakota State baseball team
looks to thrown a big 10 power on the road tonight as for the second time in
as many weeks Jackrabbit baseball finds itself with the home of the Minnesota
Vikings u.s. Bank Stadium to take on the Golden Gophers of Minnesota Frederickson
set at the chest to the two oh he’s hit high in the air towards left center and
pretty deep will high going back to the track looks up and she’s gone mad cram
back puts a charge into one a two-run homer to give South Dakota State a lead
here in the third Fredrickson fell behind 2 and Oh cram
backs at data read and ripped it over the fence in left-center a check of Berg
the two of Steiger a hard hit ground ball up the middle and into center field
Berger round third virtually and the center fielders throw cut off and Gus
Tiger has reached in seven in a row his fifth RBI of the year brings home
Jamie Berg and it’s 3-1 SDSU in the top of the sixth and the ill one offering
Beasley a line drive into left field base knock to score Steiger macdonald
drops anchor at second drew Beasley has hit safely in five straight he’s reached
in eight in a row the McSherry one – a line drive back up the middle and almost
undressed the pitcher back into center Kisuke will score on the Jack Kelly
single the 3-1 City came right back down the middle and singling on the ground
into center field as Andrew will hike Ireland scores Meyer scores in Minnesota
back in front five to full the 3-1 from gurkha is low ball four MacDonald walks
and the game is tied at 5 3 & 1 the count to Fulk the pitch Falk a ground
ball to the right side diving drew Stahl he can’t find it it’s into right field
water run scores here comes Steiger he will
or the throw to third is late McDonald as in safely
Josh Falk a 2-run single to right to put South Dakota state ahead 7 to 5 2 2
pitch and it hit Falk on the left arm and the jacks will gain a run as Falk is
hit by the pitch with the bases loaded 3-1 squeeze IRA gets the bunt down the
jacks will add to the lead on 3 & 1 when nobody was looking for it Luke IRA lays
down a squeeze bunt to play Gus tiger in a moment
pitch to Hackman high it’s off the tip of stinky Schmitt to the backstop and
MacDonald will score wild pitch and it’s 10 to 6 South Dakota State 3 in the 7th
and 3 in the top of this ninth frame of baseball Mogan the Oh two outside corner
at the knees strike three call the one one that’s a liner over the head of
Steiger and into left-center field lhasa scores Bertrand scores him a less key a
two-run single to keep the Gopher hopes alive Mogan stretches and delivers a
bouncing ball to shorts Tiger charges up with it throws to first and South Dakota
State defeats Minnesota for the first time in four years mogh in a three
inning save as the jacks a 10-8 win on the road at Minnesota

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