Baseball Highlights vs. Hampden-Sydney

as that one is hit down the middle as
that gets down can’t get the ball and the Eagles get another one across as
paczewski comes across for the Eagles and that one hit is going to advance the
runner and Biesecker gonna come home and the
and now coming up to bat for the Eagles ryan skadra swings at the first pitch
and that’s gonna go in the gap in right field could get two here and he is gonna go
for two the throw and on the bag of double just and that one’s hit and the
gap in centerfield that is definitely gonna score one goes all the way back to
the gap and Navedo running so hard this helmet falls off a
Navedo gets the RBI triple for the Eagles to put him up four nothing in this
game the senior hits at through the gap and he’s gonna get an RBI and the Eagles
getting two across in this inning now up five nothing

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