46 thoughts on “Baseball Hits Boy at Mets-Marlin Game in New York

  1. Player gave his bat. his jersey & is very concerned about his well being.. bad situation. hope the kid is okay. Poor boy. I'm a catcher and been hit with a mask on still doesn't tickle. Could only amagine the pain this boy went through.

  2. @jto4223 I agree. It's unfortunate that this happened and maybe he was paying attention but didn't have time to react,but so many people don't pay attention.

  3. i can hear the announcers at the ball game now:"now theres a lucky fan with a souvenir"..yeah,brain damage..

  4. Haha, I was at that game while on vacation. And stop saying "thats like giving him a gun after shooting him" And all that shit, it was an accident, plus he felt really bad about it and even went to his hospital room.

  5. Another souvenir? So he gets the bat that smashed his face, the ball the bat hit that hit his face, AND a broken face? Lawl.

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