Baseball Hitting Drill to see the ball better!๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ‘€

Today’s hitting question comes from Peter
Raber and he asked what’s a good drill to help 9 to 11 year old see the ball in
our area they are coming up from coach pitch and live pitching is destroying
the bulk of the league that’s a great question and I’ve got an answer for you
but before we get into it I want to say thank you to a bow baseball for
sponsoring this video a bow baseball is a bat manufacturer in Canada where they
supply premium cut billets to players of all ages they shipped to the US and
worldwide so check the link in the description and see what they got going
on now I know you said 9 to 11 year olds but really this video is for any age
hitter because these principles apply to at any level right one of the biggest
things I see that going from Coach pitch to live pitching is you know when the
coach is throwing they’re trying to lay it in there perfectly now with live
pitching the pitcher is pitching and they’re trying to get the batter out
from an early age even if they’re not that they don’t have that much ability
just yet but obviously as they get older they’re gonna get better the pitchers
are gonna get better so they’re gonna be better at disrupting the batter’s timing
and balance with that being said timing has a lot to do with that
also from the hitters perspective plate discipline has a lot to do with that
because they’re used to getting pitches from the coach that were just laid in
there but now they’re getting pitches all over the zone and they don’t know
what’s coming different pitches again as the pitchers get older they’re gonna get
better at disrupting the batter’s timing and balance because that’s what pitching
is that’s how successful pitchers get batters out so as a batter you got to be
able to understand that have good plate discipline so that you can get your
pitch to hit what do I mean by plate discipline plate discipline just means
that you’re able to see the pitch early recognize it that’s pitch recognition
and then decide whether you’re gonna swing or not if it’s a ball you have to
have that plate discipline to know that that’s a ball meaning you know where
your plate is and where the ball is in reference to that place plate is it in
the strike zone is it out of the strike zone so that is plate discipline pitch
recognition also goes into that the earlier you can see the ball and that’s
your main question I believe is how do you get these guys to see the ball
the number one thing I love to do with any age player is to train small right
train with mini wiffle balls train with a skinny barrel bat because if you
practice with mini balls and a skinny barrel bat and you are able to hit those
just imagine how much easier it’s going to be to hit a real sized baseball with
a regular-sized barrel bat it’s gonna be so much easier now don’t get frustrated
when you first start especially for the players at the younger ages because it’s
tough when you first start taking swings at those mini wiffle balls you’re gonna
miss a lot of them really had any age man I’ve seen high school guys get up
there the first 10 swings they take their whiffing at these mini wiffle
balls but over time if you put in the work and you put it in the practice
you’re gonna start to hit them then you’re gonna start to hit them better
then you’re gonna start to hit them more consistently harder then when you get to
the baseballs and the regular-sized bat you’re gonna start crushing them it
works because you’re really you have to really focus on those mini balls right
when you’re seeing those balls come in you really have to Zone in and if you’re
zoning in if you’re training that small and you’re zoning in that zoned in that
tight on that small ball with the small bat and you’re that perfect it gets so
much easier when you get bigger right does that make sense now another thing
that goes into seeing the ball better is going from a soft focus to a hard focus
is another great one I learned this one from Matt antonella years ago and what
you want to do is see I hear a lot of coaches say stare at the release point
stare at the pictures release point but what happens when you start staring
they’re early as your eyes get tired if you have ever stared at anything for a
long time try go ahead and stare at something in your room right now for 10
seconds straight as focused as you can your eyes are gonna get tired your eyes
might start watering that’s what happens when you have a hard focus for too long
so we don’t want to have a hard focus for too long we want to have a soft
focus then move into a hard focus as the ball comes so we want the soft focus
that we want to have is just a general focus a general look out to the pitcher
as he’s starting his delivery right so we’re not really zoomed in in a hard
focus just yet we’re just kind of gazing out there we’re seeing his whole
his whole movement were kind of timing him up because timing is important in
seeing the baseball as well but then as he gets to release point boom then we go
into a hard focus for a very short amount of time from the flight of the
ball so that’s when we’re gonna take our real hard focus and really see the ball
out of his hand to contact we want a hard focus for a short amount of time
soft focus early so we can get the time and get the movement of the pitcher be
on time and then have a good focus for a short amount of time so our eyes don’t
get tired that’s going to help so instill that into your players
especially the younger guys that’s a great one for them to cut that concept
is a great one for them to understand even in high school college pro baseball
as well it’s a great concept to use and implement with your hitters timing is
the last thing I want to talk about I know I test on it before but timing is
huge when it comes to hitting the baseball and going from coach pitch and
having the coach throw pretty much the same exact time to going alive pitching
when these guys are throwing different pitches different speeds again it comes
to the pitcher being able to disrupt the batter’s timing and balance so the
batter needs to be balanced and on time if he wants to be a good hitter so we
really need to work on this I did some videos with Amir Santos he was a major
league catcher great hitter as well and he talked about training more like games
speed and a lot of guys in the major leagues are starting to move this way so
they’re doing a lot less T work these days they’re doing a lot less front toss
they’re still doing this is still part of their progressions but it’s a lot
less and when they get into live BP when the coaches are throwing they’re
actually mixing in different pitches different speeds different locations so
even at the 9 to 11 year old level as a coach instead of just going through some
front toss for some easy BP let’s start mixing it up as you would see with that
actual picture that you’d be facing so you know mix in some fastball mixing
some changeup mixing some different locations don’t just be laying it in
there every single time challenge these guys
Neuer was saying that it kind of the guys will get frustrated at first he
sees the guys getting frustrated but they’ve done some studies to show that
it’s actually very beneficial and those guys who are taking practice more
serious like it’s a game they end up doing better during the game so kind of
keep that in your head as you the coach moving to your practices try it out see
how it works for your guys and definitely let me know so thank you so
much for the question again thank you to Apple baseball for sponsoring this video
and hop down in the comments below and I will help answer any questions that you
guys have talk to you there thank you

15 thoughts on “Baseball Hitting Drill to see the ball better!๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ‘€

  1. Awesome coach . great tips as always , the mini balls helped me a lot , now I'm making contact a lot better.โšพโšพโšพ๐Ÿ’ช

  2. Hey, I need some help.
    I really like baseball and want to start playing, but I think it is too late.
    I am in the eighth grade, so the first time I play will be in high school. Should I play or is it too late, and how can I catch up to everyone else? PLEASE HELP!!! Please respond.

  3. I am 17, junior in high school, and I throw just below 80 mph. All of my techniques I have learned is from him. Thank you so much for what you do. Because of you I plan on playing college baseball with my sinker. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. How do you suggest transitioning from pitching to hitting? My mindset seems off when I go from pitching to hitting.

  5. Is this video filmed with a drone? The constantly changing camera angles while you talk darn near make me nauseous. Filming aside….great video!

  6. I was wondering I usually have my back foot(right) turned my foot in to the left and it is pigeon toed because of coaches teaching me that and I was wondering if that is right and if it is holding me back. Thank you!

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