Baseball Hitting Drills to Move Better

hey guys doing Sean Plouffe from today I’m going to take you through some baseball hitting drills to move
better to start the video here so I want you to notice this position first and
foremost I’ve created this triangle shape in my arms and I’ll show you what
that looks like here this is a position that you’ll see most hitters get two
elbows far apart bat tip I’ll take you through some more clips here here’s
Manny get into that position you can see the triangle shape the bats up elbows up
let’s see Ortiz same position clipper a stripper there’s me right and this
position is what you’ll see from not just these players I’ve shown but David
Wright and countless others that are pretty good at this game of baseball
that we play so here’s the first drill and all you’re going to do is is turn
that triangle and turn the barrel of the contact then you go back and forth and
you’re going to really focus on just pivoting the barrel around your hands
I’ll show you the side view here so you see I create that triangle and I’m just
rocking that triangle kind of under my head and into context
notice this is just one move a full of the bat the contact
here’s the side view here boom notice at the contact position both arms stay bent
I’m not trying to push forward my time push to extension that will come after
contact what they want you to notice is the front foot I’m kind of at a 45
degree angle the front will be pointing towards first base that’s where most
guys are you’re here Donaldson talk about landing with the foot open but in
game you’ll see most guys with their toe pointing about towards first base for
writing and then it’ll open up after that here
next drill you’re going to put the bat across your shoulders and notice I kind
of rotate a little bit here but really I’m pushing my hip backwards so my back
hit my right hip towards the dugout behind me I’m kind of counter rotating
there and I’m creating short between the upper and lower body right you see the
wrinkles in my shirt and you can see the leg on producing ground force against
against the ground I’m extending my hip towards the pitcher notice how I haven’t
spun off the ball I’m just taking my back yet towards the pitcher or towards
the ball and this field this drill is made for lining up the shoulders with
the plane of the pitch most kids are taught don’t drop the back shoulder but
especially they had a pitch down we need to be able to drop the shoulder enough
to line up the height of the pitch notice is that you take an outside pitch
notice how I’m not really turning my hips sideways I’m pushing against the
ground extending my back hit and that’s really how you want to use the back leg
I see most guys twisting the hips and eventually twisting the shoulders and
the bat pad and they really end up swinging like they’re like the pitch is
coming from some third base so let’s not do that let’s take a look here at Matt
Joyce apologize for the video quality but you can see the bat you see the
position he’s in is much different I believe he worked with Coach wall and
Brock who’s work with several major league guys but you can see how he’s
really getting down and through the ball the finish finish is more out from his
body out towards the pitcher rather than sideways so just start setting this up you see
how when I pull back when I kind of rotate my elbows drawn back this is
really good because it sets the direction for the
swing and allows us to really get through the ball the way we want to
instead of spinning off here’s an inside pitch you really got to drop down there
for the inside pitch next drill here you’re going to pull back as you step
forward so the idea here is as you step forward you’re going to pull back with
the elbow and this will keep your weight centered over your back foot this drill here most people when they
practice hitting the ball the opposite field they put the tee deep and they set
it up you know down the middle of our body but here I’m hitting the ball off
my front foot and I’m forcing that ball to right-center so that’s the next drill
to really force this inside path notice how close the bat stays to my shoulder
the entire time this triangle shape is maintained and then I really stay inside
this ball and drive it to the right center alright the next drill here again these
are these are less hitting drills and more movements what happens is you can make
up any kind of drill you want but the ultimate goal should be to move better
so it’s hard to see here I’m wearing all black but if you look at my shirt it’s
kind of wound up here you can see the wrinkles there I’m creating tension in
my stance right so already I have the feel like Josh Johnson talks about the
hips opening up when you land I have that fuel right here where my back leg
and my back knee are trying to go to the ball and my back elbow is pulling back
so they’re fighting against each other and I want to create that tension in my
stance it’s a good feel to create that tension even in your stance you can see
how the leg and the bat kind of moved together here they’re very connected
here I’ll show you every view and notice I don’t have to kind of rotate too far
here because they fight against each other all right
is my favorite drill same stance we thought we talked about with the upper
body my elbows pull back and you’re going to circle this front foot you’re
going to really get a feel for falling forward but resisting up top by pulling
your elbow back and really getting and really getting a feel for maintaining
that weight centered over the back leg when you swing so I’m going to fall
forward boom you kind of see how that works here sequentially with the way the
kinetic chain works from the ground up I’m pushing off with my back leg and you
can see how the Energy’s traveling from the ground up here’s a great example of
a player who does that again you’ll see the elbow pull all the way back almost
the same position but you can see how how much tension is creating between the
upper and lower body how the lower body really pulls the bat around there you go all right the next drill is
the barrel flow drill this is for guys who are new to this you know you see my
hands are held lower here that that’s tipped a little bit more this is
something you’ll see from older players mostly here’s Ted blames but you really
want to get a feel for how light the barrel is in his hands when he creates
this momentum here what’s happening here is he’s really twisting the bat with his
hands and keeping this back arm bent throughout see how that happened so you
want to get a feel for that barrel going backwards and keeping that arm bent and
going to contact is another view again background stays
bent hands stay at the shoulder for as long as possible you’re really getting a
feel for how loose and Hindi this bat can get all right this last one is for the
younger guys mostly I noticed that when most people demonstrate their contact
position either their arms are extended already or things aren’t quite lined up
but you really want to get a feel for holding this position and knowing what
you’re trying to do the position you’re trying to be at contact you feed both arms stayed bent the
barrel is even with the shoulders now making contact right in front of my
front foot all right last drill probably my favorite I’m
gonna stand with our feet at a 45 degree angle and we’re going to pull back and
create tension we’re creating tension here and this is really how the body
works is you create this rotational load this is this is really the loaded
position if there ever was one but notice how my body creates energy
from the ground up and we’re trying to hit the ball back up the middle of the
cage so you’re going to line up as if the pitch is coming from third-base then
hit the ball back up the middle this is what that pass would look like pull the
elbow back you really want to enter the inch of the zone really really deep
that’s kind of what I’m demonstrating here well if you look at any guys who
have changed their swings over the years and really had a lot of success here’s
Jeff Donaldson they all found a way to get into the zone deeper right so you
see the difference in the back elbow here and he’s creating that trial get
into the same position we talked about earlier you see how deep the barrel is
and the difference in the position of the barrel so you know he’s really
keeping the barrel close to him and he’s allowed it to kind of drop in there
under and behind the baseball take a look some more guys here same
kind of deal a triangle shape turning under his head and taking the barrel to
the baseball bond here’s that chipper clip we used earlier
it’s probably one of my favorite clips you can really see here how the triangle
and the bat move independent of the shoulders here you do see his lower body
really leading the movement while his upper body resists turning open there
you have it hitting drills to move better this is Sean Plouffe from
calm catch you next time really spawn this reppin oh my god oh my god if I die
I’m a legend when they lay me down to rest I know I was always laughing oh my
god my own life my words being my greatest laughing I know

21 thoughts on “Baseball Hitting Drills to Move Better

  1. I think encarnicion does it a little bit too. tried it and it feels really good. I might incorporate that into my game swing

  2. Another FANTASTIC video with real batting drills. Thx Sean!
    I use your techniques when coaching my 12-13U. It's a difficult nut to crack. These kids have been taught an A2B swing for so long that they have a terrible time changing their muscle memory.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Sean – Excellent stuff! Video cuts to the chase and provides a lot of clues on how hit with a high level swing. Bypasses all the bad cues and the swing mechanics which most little leagues go through. Starting a youngster with these mechanics would put them way ahead of their peers. Thanks,

  4. I just wanted to thank you for all you teaching in behave of everyone here, and I have a question, I see the Manny ,Trout, and Donaldson put their elbow up and back when loading , so it suppose to go back and up or both when one is loading to hit?

  5. Hi, I have a question about the back elbow going back behind you body, however, that's make you rotated your shoulder instead of what we supposed to do-side way with your body and shoulder? The elbow going up it makes sense because of what one trying to do with the body and shoulders. The front shoulder goes strait back it does't rotate clock-wise,right?
    What you think of this?

  6. I love your videos, I think it really shows players how to use there whole body and all they have into their swing. I have a question though in this video it appears as if your front side leg is closed off, which closes the hips from fully roatating, is this intentional or accidental while doing these drills?

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  8. The swing break is great. My son has focused on rotating the triangle for about 3 months. His swing almost resembles Chris Taylor.
    My question is, the angle at which to rotate/turn the triangle. Can you elaborate the angular direction of the moving the triangle? I'm of the belief that you should be rotating the triangle at angle vs. rotating it directly under your chin, like rocking a baby. If that makes sense. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I wish I knew all this stuff when I was a kid, I may have made it. Now all I can do is try to dominate my rec league lol.

  10. Thoughts on how much pullback is appropriate? I've heard others promote a subtle pullback then walking away from your hands to create separation, not pushing your hands back or excessive pullback.

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