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This is Sean Plouffe from
today we’re going to talk about how to hit the outside pitch this is a clip of
Robinson Cano from the World Baseball Classic he’s able to hit this pitch down
and out and drive it for a home run to the opposite field what they don’t want
you to notice is the position that he gets to I talked about that in my last
video but basically this position right in here so in this position the back
elbow is pulled back the bat is almost vertical is a nice bend at the waist the
front foots not down yet and his shoulders I’ve actually counted rotated
and with most guys you’ll see the shoulders kind of rotate to about even
with the opposite middle infielder that’s normal as long as you can keep
two eyes on the pitcher that will give you a little bit more room to create
power to the opposite field so from this position I want you to notice the
tension that’s happening and if he falls forward here he’s really able to keep
this elbow back and keep the hands close to the shoulder right so even in this
position right now the foots getting down his hands are still back still back
so even all the way into this point in the swing his hands are hidden from the
pitcher so this swing is happening deep or behind the leg will hear you talk
about sometimes that’s be happening from within the batter’s box that means
basically you’re able to create some bat speed without turning your body right so
you’ll see the barrel fall down into the plane of the pitch here and again that’s
before the hands move so here is he gets into the swing here eventually you’re
going to have to reach out right to hit that outside pitch
a couple things he’s really he’s done really nice he’s kept is bend in the
torso that way he’s brought his back shoulder as close to this page as he
could possibly get that way you keep the hands close to that back shoulder and
really maintained control of the barrels bat so the closer we can get this back
shoulder to the ball the better off we are the next thing i want you to notice
is how he’s able to extend his hands out from his body out through this hitch
instead of trying to hook the ball right a lot of guys from here would
immediately take that left turn but he’s able to extend his arms out this way so
he kind of stops the rotation of his shoulders in order to keep the barrel
moving out towards the pitcher or out towards the field is hitting to you see
how that happens the shoulders is kind of stopped rotating here so let’s take a
look at some more guys and see if they do a similar thing hit the outside pitch
here’s Adrian Gonzalez he’s probably one of the better opposite field hitters in
the game and again you can see he has a bit bigger counter-rotation move elbows
draw back and nice bend at the waist like we talked about so this pitch is up
and out it’s a little bit easier to hit get to this pitch but I want you to
notice how he’s able to direct his swing in that direction so most guys will kind
of start with their hands within view of the pitcher their elbow not pulled back
as far and when you do that you don’t have room to create that bat speed to
the opposite field so by counter rotating like this he’s created some
room to direct his swing so now when he gets back to neutral he’s already
halfway through his swing right so he’s created all this space back in here back
behind the leg in order to create bat speed and hit the baseball and notice
again the hands haven’t push way away from the back shoulder right
he’s twisted the bat back behind him and carried that into the baseball without
the hands ever pushing out or trying to run away from the back shoulder right
like we talked about before with the body his body’s kind of stops rotating
here right you see the back hip extend out towards the field he’s hitting too
and everything kind of stopped so that he could finish out towards the opposite
field right really really nice depth to the swing so I’ll try to explain that as
we get in to the swings here this is j turner in the practice setting the game
you can see how gathered he is he’s really pulled that elbow back you can
see outside pitch he’s able to create this basti what’s the barrel in the back
elbow move together bat speed and then run into the baseball so by getting to
this position with the elbow back and creating this bat speed back behind him
before the hell before the hands come forward he’s able to really create this
bat speed and still deliver power to this ball that’s being hit deep in the
zone not starting a swing from here like most guys right where the elbows kind of
down the hands are kind of forward and the bats down from here what tends to
happen is you push the hands forward or you pull sideways with the shoulders but
by starting in this position he’s able to create more bat speed and really kind
of keep the core under control and direct it directives energy out the ways
hitting the ball really really liked this clip alright moving on this is
orlando Arcia from the brewers i believe this is a spring training clip but i
really like some of the things that he was doing here you can see how you
really balances on one leg kind of falls forward here but he’s able to pull back
the elbow and get to a really nice position
and look how deep his swing happens right so when I say everything happens
behind the leg I mean the hands stay back everything stays back behind this
leg and again the swing happens back in there so it’s being pulled by the back
leg right you see his finish kind of everything in his body language right
here look at the hips his hips are basically pointing to the opposite field
he hasn’t completed that turn to the pool side because that would just pull
him off the ball right so the hits all we have to turn as far as the location
of the pitch he’s a clip of Ryan Braun hitting home runs the after the field a
lot of similar characteristics we saw some the other guys and broader the guy
that really has a nice deep swing plane gets on playing with the pitch early on
all his swings but again you can see with tension between the upper and lower
body of tension between the back elbow and the back knee you can see the back
elbow what so he’s almost even with the shoulder line at this point in the bath
straight up now I want you to watch the back elbow and the bat move together so
I he falls into here you see this happened back so back shoulder the back
elbow and the bat all kind of move together to rock this shape in the arms
to move the bat and hit this ball the opposite field so if you were to open up
his body for power he would pull off this baseball and you’ll see that a lot
from guys who are trying to hook the ball and pull the ball they won’t have a
deep enough swing pass to handle this pitch right and this is really what
makes the difference between a good hitter and a great hitter is creating
this depth creating this tension and be able to hold that tension hold on to it
as the foot gets down hold on hold on hold on before the hands leave the back
shoulder right you can see how close he keeps his shoulders here clothes clothes
clothes and now we can let his arms out and hit this ball the opposite field so this is valuable not just to hit the
outside pits but also to be adjustable to all pitch types and locations and
especially for off-speed pitches the same kind of thing has to happen right
so on the outside pitch you’re waiting for the ball to get a little deeper so
you can hit to the opposite field whereas on an off-speed pitch you have
to do the same kind of thing in your swing where you really hold this tension
hold the hands back and then let them out when the ball gets in the hitting
area there’s one more clip this is Barry Bonds I assume this is some blimp you
but the game you can see where he starts very similar position to trea Turner
that I showed you earlier and the swing happens from behind his leg what’s the
hands on the bat never getting funds of leg right and he that contact so at no
point did he push the hands away from the shoulder and push it across his
chest the back leg pulled the hands and you run into contact now he didn’t hit
this ball eos of field there’s more center field but you know he’s Barry
Bonds he was trying to pull the ball hit home Mound so again the adjustability is
to be able to keep the hands back and keep this tension between the back elbow
in the back knee is what allowed him to still square out this baseball and hit
it for a home run it’s like this video subscribe to the channel this is ben
sean plouffe from catch you next time

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