Baseball Hitting Stance

Hey guys what’s going on? We’re going to
talk about the baseball hitting stance today and what I believe is the best way to get
set up and get you in a good position to have some good hits when you’re swinging a baseball.
So for the baseball hitting stance first thing I like is you want to be about two times your
hip width for your set up, meaning if my hips are this wide I’d want to be about two of
those as far as how wide my stance is. So about twice the distance of your hip width.
That’s first thing when it comes to baseball hitting stance that puts you in a good position
to start. The other thing is obviously we want to have a good bend in our knees we don’t
want to be too straight up. I see a lot of younger guys really straight in their knees
we want to have a nice good bend kind of sit into it and have the weight on the balls of
our feet we don’t want to be on our heels, balls of our feet.
The next thing is besides having a little bit of a bend in the knees we also want to
have them knocked in if were too close together our knees can get over our feet we kind of
want to knock those knees in see how I’m just knocking them in just a little bit, just knocking
them in this helps me get that linear side to side energy that I needed for hitting.
The next thing when it comes to baseball stance is you want to start with a good body angle.
Which means you have your chest over your toes that does a couple of things; one it
promotes a good swing plane it gives me a good axis to swing around if. I’m straight
up and down my swing is going to be out and around sometimes but if I create a body angle
where my chest is over my toes I create a good swing plane, I create a good axes the
swing around. So that puts me in a good place to have some good hits also it helps me stay
on the balls of my feet. If I’m straight up that weight could get back on my heels but
if I have a body angle chest over toes now I’m back on the balls of my feet.
And the last thing is going to be your hand placement where you start. Of course you’ll
see a lot of guy’s way up top you’ll see some other guys nice and low. Two guys I can
think of on the extremes is maybe 2:10 and maybe Mcutchen or someone like that. Two guys
on the extreme I don’t think where you’re starting is most important. I think you got
to be in a comfortable spot and the most important thing is where you get to start your swing
which is elbow into the side, into your slot and getting into that good swing plane. That’s
most important so I’m not a big stickler on being high or being low I want it to be comfortable,
relaxed but getting it into a slot right away so that you can get on a good swing plain,
have a good bat path and crush these baseballs. Guys that’s just a few tips on your baseball
batting stance, your baseball hitting stance hope you guys like that. If you want some
more hitting information please click the link below I love to talk with you and send
you some info and hope you guys liked it, Talk to you soon.

25 thoughts on “Baseball Hitting Stance

  1. I just finished my baseball game, I'm having one soon, and you helped me out. Hopefully I can do better! Thanks for he tips 🙂

  2. how about the stomp the bug technique where they make their back leh make squish motion to the pitcher I heard that bad. instead you turn your foot n have the heel go up. Is that true?

  3. I have a softball player (in the picture). Her left shoulder is flying open, then her head is following :(. She has a load like the one above *except I don't think her stance is wide enough. She is also finishing low. Could the upright stance be hurting her?

  4. What happens if your batting stances it more standing like and your feet r close together and u r still on the balls of your feet and u hit harder than u do spread out

  5. What do they mean when coaches say keep your weight on your back foot? Should hitters do that or keep balanced?

  6. hello! i play travel softball but i like to have a baseball swing… so I'm having a hard time finding the right placement with your hands…i don't know what is the best stance for my upper body.. i don't know, b/c  if i have my hands high then when i load my hands  drops and when i have my hands low i go under the ball…what do you recommend??

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