Baseball Hitting Stride

Hey guys were going to talk about the baseball
hitting stride today. I know there’s a lot of misconceptions in how a proper stride should
be. If you haven’t seen my video on the baseball hitting stance you should check that out but
right here were talking about the baseball hitting stride. A few things that you want
to think of when it comes to a proper stride in baseball besides the set up I’m not going
to talk about that. The stride should be your front foot should be in my opinion 45° to
65° open. So if this was 90° pointing towards my pitcher and this was 0° pointing towards
home plate 45 would be right about here 65 a little bit more open. So I think between
45 and 65° open is the great spot to land in your baseball hitting stride.
Now that let’s your hips open up enough but it also keeps it close enough to where you’re
not flying all the way over you ever see guys who when they finish hitting are like this.
Obviously that’s no good. If you’re hitting 45 or 65 and you roll on your outside of your
ankle that’s okay tot that just tells me you’ve got good rotational energy through your swing
well but a good spot to land if you’re watching yourself on video is 45 to 65. Now you’re
not going to land straight open right you’re going to be going close and then open it up
as you get down to your foot plan. Now let’s talk about alignment in the baseball
hitting stride. Alignment; you want to be straight on or slightly, slightly, slightly
closed. So if I’m starting with my toes on this line I want to finish with my toe on
that line or slightly closed. I don’t want to be; so I’m either here or here. I don’t
want to be here and I don’t want to be here okay if you’re too far closed you’re cutting
your hips off you can’t get enough hips into your swing if you are too far open you’re
going to be flying open everything is going to be pulling off on the ball you’re going
to have a lot of swing and misses. So for your alignment you want to be straight in
the line or slightly, slightly closed like maybe 10° closed off.
Now let’s talk about stride length in the baseball hitting stride. For your stride length
you want to be definitely at the end of your swing so when you finish this swing and then
you look obviously your back foot is going to gain a little bit ground but when you measured
the distance between your feet you want to be at least two times you’re hip width at
the end of you swing. So if my hips are this wide, if I measure that out I want to twice
that distance at the finish of my swing or more even up to two and a half times my hip
width. So think about those three things when it
comes to the baseball hitting stride. I hope you guys liked this video if you want some
more baseball hitting information please click the link below and I’ll be happy to share
that with you. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you in the next video. Talk to you

8 thoughts on “Baseball Hitting Stride

  1. I never player much baseball before n I am in highschool n I want to play as the pitcher what would be good exercises for a person who can't buy workout equipment n thank you for the video the showing me how to do things right

  2. If I have a problem closing my hips off is there anything I can do to help stride more straight?

  3. this video was so helpful I have hit the ball every time I have been up to bat since following what this video said

  4. I used to coach HS and now coach Little League. I've noticed that a lot of players wait too long to start stride or only stide when they swing. Thus they hit the ball weakly to the right side, because they are starting the lower half late. I've lately been teaching stride at release and have had some good results. Kids are pulling the ball more and hitting it harder. There should be a stride whether it's a ball or a strike. Could you/anyone speak or point me to something that addresses when a young player starts the stride? I think this can help a lot of young hitters.

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