Baseball HOF TTM Autograph Return and More!

it’s not every day we have a baseball
hall-of-fame return but today is one of those days. Coming Up! hello everybody
my name is Troy Rutterr and if you are new to the channel please consider
subscribing and hitting that alarm button because on this channel I give
you tips and tricks for getting autographs from your favorite
celebrities including some that you may need to pay a couple bucks for which is
the case today. Hope you enjoy today’s TTM video so let’s get started right now
first a big return from Ryne Sandberg, He signed 1 of 1 in 28 days with a $5
donation . Now Ryne needs no introduction I’m sure he he played from 1981 to 1997
for the Phillies and of course the Chicago Cubs, he is a 10 times all-star 9
times Golden Glove winner 7 times Silver Slugger and had his Jersey was retired by the Cubs and like I said he is a member of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame
and this is a Diamond Kings card for my 1991 Donruss set. Hope you enjoy that
now there are a couple other cards from the 1991 Donruss set but those are ones
that I actually sent without a donation so I’m not expecting to get those back
and I don’t have any more of those so I might have to ask Chase or Zombie
Collector if they have a couple of the 91 Doruss Ryne Sandberg that I could
send off but like I said again he was with a $5 donation so thank you Ryne out
really appreciate that and the next TTM was also with a donation this time a $10
donation because I think I ran out of 5 so I just sent it to him here that one
is boom all right this is Dickie Thon. He signed 1 1 in 22 days again with a $10
donation sent this to Puerto Rico looks like he played from 1979 to 1994
for the Angels the Astros the Padres the Phillies the Rangers and of course the
Brewers . He was an all-star and 1983 Silver Slugger in the same year. He
is a third generation MLB player and his son is also playing baseball as well or
was not sure Dickie Thon jr. so there you go.
1991 Donruss return for Mr. Dickie Thon and next we have Juan Berengeur. He signed one of one in 47 days with a $5 donation to his home in Minnesota . So all of these
cards right now they did indeed take a donation I’m kind of waiting patiently
sometimes for these 1991 Donruss cards to come back but I do send some
donations every now and then so yeah so Juan played for the Mets the Royals the
Blue Jays the Tigers the Giants the Twins the Braves and the Royals all from
1978 to 1990 – he is a two times World Series champion in 1984 and 1987 yes
once for the Tigers and then what was the other one and once for the Twins Juan Berengeur so hope you enjoyed these additions to the 1991 Donruss, I am
going to make a pledge to you dear viewer on the next 1991 Donruss set I
will start or the next videos Chase chase and Ink gave me this idea and I
really need to do it I’m gonna start putting a total for what number of cards
I have from that set and so you’ll see that on the next videos not for this
video but any other video featuring the 1991 Donruss set so be looking for that
hope you are having a great baseball season the birds are out there chirping
and the sun’s out their shining – at least today – and if you were looking for
current Major League Baseball players to send to be sure to check out my TTM hot
list you can find that link below or also in the card for you know the little
youtube info card that pops up every now and then you find the link there please I beg you to subscribe that would mean a lot to me
and hey that’s all I got for today may your
mailboxes be full and your stamps forever bye-bye

18 thoughts on “Baseball HOF TTM Autograph Return and More!

  1. Another great vid!

    Looked like Dickie Thon first did the auto in ink and then went over it with sharpie??

  2. Got a return myself. Worried that Zane was getting more than me! I have no Donuruss and no Thon. Should have named his kid Jonah Thon.

  3. That Sandberg Diamond King card really looks great. I really like the idea as well putting the total you have for that set.

  4. Not horrible, got Blake Snell, Pat Neshek, and Sam Dyson. Last season I got a return from Wade Boggs but it wasn't signed. I also sent a $2 donation and sent it back as well. Maybe I should make it $5. I am going to try again this week.

  5. I have your back, Troy !! I'll send you some 1991 Sandberg cards! ! Great looking cards for sure! Spent little cabbage I see! !

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