Baseball in Japan is Amazing!

We’re going to our first baseball game~ M: It’s the Yakult Swallows S: Yes M: You remember Simon had a shirt that had a big swallows on it S: Yes M: Like, the bird Swallows. S: So we’re Swallows junkies, and we’re gonna be going to a Swallows game M: Yeah, they’re not doing too great this season, but anyways we’re gonna cheer for them, we’re gonna cheer our GUTS OUT M: See you guys there! S: What other inappropriate jokes can I make? (LOL SIMON) M: Very very busy!! M: Oru(?) Jingu Stadiummmm~! M: Simon S: Huh? M: Meh! S: Weh! S: In this line you got to wait, and then you pay 500 yen And you like stick your hand in and you win something random. I’m not sure what I’m gonna win. I’m hoping it’s a new car S: HHHAAAAAAAAAUUMMM huh oOOHHH S: Oho! S: Alright what did I win? What do I win?! What’d I win??!?!?!?!?! What did I win.. (THE SUSPENSE) Guy: Go! Go! S: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH HEEYYYYYYY I got a little cutie thing!! S: So this team is called the Yakult Swallows because Yakult is a drink and you’re supposed to swallow it So it’s kind of like making like brand awareness at the same time. That’s kind of like saying like the New York times- -Deep throats. because you have people that like try to give like anonymous information S: So… in…. that… (crickets chirping) Is an equiv…ah… S: Go Swallows! M: So if you come in here, you can bring in your own outside food and drink So we brought in some High Balls You can bring in beer or whatever and then they have a little cup station Where they will pour your drinks into cups and then you can take it in a little paper cup fashion M: You go to a game in North America, there’s no way you’re bringing in outside things And then they’ll charge you, like, 16 dollars for some skanky Disgusting old beer from a tap Skanky is the word? No I think skunky was the word S: Good job girl! M: Anyways. I meant to say skunky beer S: Who you rooting for?!! M: Swallows S: Are you a Swallow fan?! M: I’m a Swallow fan S: Are you a Swallow for life?!! M:This is going somewhere bad, I just feel it S: Oh those are great seats! S: So what kind of food do you get at a baseball stadium in Tokyo? Yakisoba! Our friends are going for chicken. I don’t want chicken today. I want noodles! S: Though I should show something different, because last time we had Bon Festival we also showed yakisoba I just really love yakisoba, like really really M: I mean, that’s way too good for a baseball game. What the heck S: Share with me Ducky, share with me!! M: No S: If you were to think about what you should drink at a baseball game, would it be beer? Whiskey? Or red wine? Yes I did get a glass of Red wine Super cheap tasting red wine, just the way I can afford it S: So we’re new to this we’re not gonna be able to sing along with them But they have a song for every single batter. Crowd: Let’s go Yamazaki!! S: The last guys name was Sakaguchi No, Sakamachi M: Sakaguchi S: Sakaguchi M: -And Yamagachi S: So the last guy’s name was Sakagachi, Sakaguchi. Last guy’s name was Sakaguchi. S: Woah this wine is some STRONG WINE S: STRONG FORTIFIED WINE S: So this is the same as Martina’s, except anted up because I got the Omon type so…because I… S: STRONG WINE STRONG, FORTIFIED WINE S: This is the same as Martina’s except it’s anted a bit because we got the omelet on top So this is the omo Yakisoba. Let’s see how this tastes Oh man! Oh my god Why get hotdogs, when you can get yakisoba like this S: Aw those cruchy bits are so delightful as well S: So what we got here is a nice, I- I don’t know what measurement of beer This is but it’s a pretty decent amount of beer S: They poured it fresh from the keg that they carry on their back, up and down a hundred flights of stairs This was 750 yen, which I would say is Roughly like seven or eight bucks or so How much is beer when you’re watching a sporting event, I don’t know, but 750 seems not bad M: Your umbrella’s too big! S: Make it rain girl! Make it rain!! M: So whenever the Swallows score, you have a little umbrella, and some of them have a little swallow, sparrow on it and they have a little, like, Swallows dance Which I don’t understand but somebody let us borrow their little umbrella This is such a lovely feeling. S: So I didn’t necessarily understand everyone’s umbrellas I just pulled out my umbrella, but everyone laughed at me because my umbrella was too big, and it wasn’t the right colour But you know what I show team spirit, Swallows all day every day S: Be a Swallower for life! S: Whoa! This is probably the closest I’ve ever sat to live fireworks This is great M: I’ve been to a lot of Blue Jays baseball games when I was a kid, cause Simon and I agreed that like The Blue Jays was part of our childhood, you know? There’s a simple feeling, but now there’s like… M: Fireworks, and dancing, and like theme songs to every person, and like yakisoba, and fans, and little umbrellas and M: This is an amazing experience! S: It’s so fun! M:Wow S: Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh S: Wonderful Crowd: LET’S GO IBERO!! WOOOOAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH M: lelelelelelelelele Crowd: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH S: UMBRELLA S: I can’t believe we actually recorded a home run!! S: Hey, this was super fun. I had a great time we were here for 4 hours and 20 minutes I had an amazing time I highly recommend you check out a baseball game here in Japan. This was so fun! S: What’s everybody waving to? M: Hey, if you’re gonna come to Japan, don’t just come for the food Make sure you come to see a baseball game Specifically The Swallows! The Yakult Swallows! It’s an amazing experience Get your umbrellas ready, cause we’re gonna rain on you!!!!!!! S: WE WON THE GAME!! M: WE WON IT!!

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  1. 楽しんじゃお!という姿勢が素晴らしいですね

  2. アメリカの野球観戦は、個人でバラバラに叫んだり、ヤジったりして見てるだけだけど、日本の野球観戦はみんなで歌ったり踊ったりが楽しく、ネットなどを見て日本の野球観戦にハマる外国人が多いって聞きました。サッカーでもそうだけど、みんなで声を合わせて応援するって日本特有ですよね。その応援の一体感を体験したくて来日する外国人が多いみたいですね。

  3. While waving our umbrella,We shout "Kutabare Yomiuri" it means like
    "Yankee Sucks"
    We don't say in a bad meaning.It's a joke & traditional interlude.

  4. ベイスターズ戦だね。ロペスの応援歌が流れた。神宮球場にも行きたくなった。

  5. この試合、僕も見に行きました!

    This game I went to see it Me too.
    The first professional home run!
    Kotalo Yamasaki.

  6. 対横浜戦ですね! Deファンとしては横浜勝ってほしいけどこの動画とても良い‼️

  7. My wife and I finally got to see my adopted, beloved Hiroshima Carp play 2016. Japanese Baseball is AWESOME. I keep score at every game I go to and it was to hard to index the player by number so I just kept score in the Japanese alphabet. I wish it was easier to follow them in the USA.

  8. 阪神ファンだけどめっちゃ嬉しいわ。

  9. You guys are really funny😂 I’m from japan but other countries people actually don’t know about Japanese baseball stadium. So I’m really happy that you guys went to there to watch baseball 👍👍👍👍

  10. 外国の人が日本の野球観戦に興味持ってくれて嬉しいです!


  11. This seems like so much fun! I never really enjoyed the baseball games in America but wow Japan has so much team spirit and I love the unique fanchanting for each member. This would definitely be something I will enjoy, I know if I ever visit for a long period I'm going to a baseball game for sure 😊

  12. ペットボトルがパウチならワイン持ち込めるからいいね、あとウイスキーもビンじゃなければOKなので口の大きい水筒に氷詰めて、球場でなんか飲んでそのカップに氷いれたらロックができますね、ペットに入った炭酸飲料もあるからそれ入れたら、いうことがないや

  13. 確かに神宮やハマスタは外国人見かけるなあ

  14. Brilliant..captures the atmosphere really well. On our first night in Tokyo a couple of weeks back our daughter took us to the Giants vs Swallows game at Tokyo dome…I'd bought my Giants shirt and cap in the fanstore beforehand..and the Giants won..but only just, by one home run to nil after 12 innings! I've got to say, I was really impressed by the Swallows official band and cheering section.

  15. Kind of trivia: How was this team named Swallows? The team was established 1949 by the Japanese National Railway (JNR) and its affiliated corporations,. The JNR was a state-owned railway corporation and later privatized and reformed into the current Japan Railway (JR) Group. The name "Swallows" comes from the JNR's express train "Tsubame," which is the Japanese for swallow. The express connected Tokyo and Osaka at that time, but later replaced with the Shinkansen super express. In late 60's through mid 70's the team name was "Atoms" when the ownership was held by a media company. It does not really mean nucler thing, but it was for Tezuka Osamu's famous cartoon and anime "Tetsuwan Atom" or "Mighty Atom" in English title. Actually that media was broadcasting an anime series of Tetsuwan Atom. After the ownership was moved to Yakult, whose main product is yogurt-like beverage, the team was renamed back to the Swallows.

  16. 日本の野球観戦を楽しんでくれて
    Thankyou for enjoying Japanese baseball game:D I'm so happy😊

  17. 私は阪神ファンですが、日本の野球観戦を、こんなに楽しんでくれているのは本当にうれしい!!

  18. When the team was founded, the owner was JNR(Japan National Railways).
    It was named the Swallows from Tsubame, the name of a limited express train that ran between Tokyo and Osaka in the 1950s. On the weekends in spring and autumn, watch Tokyo Big6 Baseball league at Jingu Stadium, Waseda-Keio games(So-Kei Sen)are more fun in the last week.

  19. To add to the educational value of this amazing content: baseball was brought to Japan during the American occupation post WWII & American military presence is still very alive in Japan (and around the world, bringing with it tension with locals, like rape/murder of local girls). Japanese people are serious about their baseball.

  20. Thank you for the video! you two are adorable as always! Going to japan at the end of the month, and just bought our tickets today to see the Swallows on April 3rd! so excited!!

  21. When I saw all the umbrellas, I was like, "that would be so useful for when all the [redacted expletive] behind you start throwing drinks" and then I realized… "it isn't for shielding people from death via beer shower because normal people shouldn't throw alcohol whenever something happens during a game" XD (ToT) XD

  22. もう何十年も前の話ですけれど修学旅行で神宮で観戦した時に、もうお亡くなりになった当時のスワローズ応援団長が凄く良くしてくれましてね。スワローズの試合をこんなにたくさんの学生が応援しに来てくれた!感激だ!とか言ってくれて。学校のオリジナル応援をみんなでやってくれたり、帰りには生徒全員にプレゼントまでくれて。それからずっとスワローズのファンです。

  23. 初めてとは思えないほど周りのファンと馴染んでるね。見てるこっちまで楽しい気分になったよ。

  24. swallow の動詞には「一気に飲み込む」の意味がある・・・飲料関係の会社だから swallows にしたんだな

  25. This is one my fave videos! I'm smiling the whole time but I dunno why I'm tearing up! I just love the experiences that Simon and Martina are enjoying! Can anyone tell me whats the title of the Background music that they are using?

  26. Can anyone tell me the title of the Background music that they are using? Please! They used it at the start of the video and scattered across the whole video.

  27. 最近頻繁に視聴しています。とっても幸せそうな日本を楽しんでおられるのが見ていてめちゃくちゃ楽しくこちらまで幸せな気分になります。いつも思うのですが日本を愛して溶け込んでいる外国人は皆さん本当に優しい目をしていますね。こらからも心からお二人のご多幸を祈っています。

  28. So jealous that you two got to listen a live from former j-pop band Whiteberry vocalist, Maeda-san, singing Natsumatsuri!

  29. Oh, if I only could bring my own beer to a Fußball-match here in Germany… that would be a すごい。🍻🥳

  30. Growing up in Ontario I remember taking field trips to the Sky Dome lol yep that old haha You guys make me want to vacation in Japan! Hope you have a super duper fantastical day. Sending some Canadian love your way 🙂

  31. I've been watching ALL of your videos since you moved into my hometown, Tokyo. So far this video is my favorite. Because I can see clearly that y'all are so happy and enjoying the moment. Wishing all the best.

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