Baseball Infield Fielding Technique – Slow Motion Examples and Breakdown

In today’s video you’re gonna learn some
baseball infielding technique. You’re gonna learn some tips and see some in
fielding mechanics and how they affect throwing across the diamond and also
just your glove work in general as a baseball player. So you’re gonna see some
slow motion video of baseball players, some infielders, we’re gonna break this
all down and go through it. So if you’re new the channel you really consider
subscribing I put out lots of new tutorials like this I’m really heavy on
the pitching side the mental side but I like breaking the game down both into
fielding pitching hitting all that stuff so we’re gonna go over lots of it so
stick around I think you’re gonna enjoy it. Ok so what is funneling and why does it
matter to a baseball infielder? Like why is this a technique that young players
really need to learn and really need to drill a lot.
So basically, funneling is just when you get a ground ball when you’re squared up
to it so when you feel it in the center of you you’re gonna take it from your
glove you know doing that sort of alligator trap and you’re gonna pull it
into the center of your body that’s just called funneling you’re bringing it in
to your middle so why do we do this well it’s basically gonna give you a
consistent starting point for your throwing mechanics which is obviously
really really important because you don’t know when exactly you’re gonna
throw the ball you might get a hot shot and get a couple of shuffles before you
throw it away or you might have to get rid of it quickly and so a really good
example of someone who keeps the ball at their center is a football quarterback
so when they are dropping back in the pocket and looking for a receiver
they’re gonna keep the ball at their center because it’s number one an
obvious place to keep it but number two when they are ready to throw it no
matter where their hips are facing they’re gonna start from that same
consistent point so in baseball once we get that ground ball we’re gonna bring
it to our center and then again depending on how much time we have we
might take a couple steps or we might throw right away but either way no
matter what type of sort of throwing task we’re gonna do as an infielder we
want to make sure we’re starting from that same exact point whenever possible
and obviously this is mostly for balls we’re gonna square up to
so again one’s a wolf field here in the center of us this is does not apply to
you no balls on the run stuff like that we usually will bring those to center in
some cases but not always so once we get through here
again we’re gonna get it to our Center and then we’re gonna move do the
footwork that’s required take the amount of time that’s required and then make
our throw across the diamond so let’s go over a couple video examples so in this
video you’re gonna see three pro guys taking their infield ground balls
between an inning and really watch how they just automatically sort of
exaggerate and really vacuum that ball up from their glove when they filled it
and right up to their belt line so he just instinctively kind of pulls it to
his belt same thing there it’s it’s a little exaggerated because that was
something they were taught when they were young is a really important thing
that all high-level players do so here’s another example this is in super slo-mo
he’s on the move and he brings us to his Center and this is a good example
because he gets it there and then he actually bobbles it and because he had
it at his center he can fiddle with the ball recover and still make his throw
all on the move here’s another one to say sort of an average ground ball and
he gets it he’s already moving his feet as he brings it to his middle and then a
lot of in theaters are gonna sort of separate their hands get their rhythm
down and then they’re gonna make their throw after that do you see how he’s in
a consistent throwing position just like a football quarterback would be here’s
our last example this is another is a pro shortstop and if you watch him he’s
gonna approach it with his right he’s gonna start moving through it so his
left is gonna come in front and this is just a between innings ground ball but
even then the first place his hand and glove go is his middle and then right on
their way to get into throwing position and make that strong throw across the
diamond so with all this stuff it’s it’s a super important concept for young
players especially to have their daily work right there the consistent practice
a lot of that boring easy stuff become routine and consistent
so as a coach you can sometime think oh this isn’t very exciting like kids want
all these new drills but all the best players do lots of consistently boring
stuff that they’re gonna use over and over in a game that’s called the
fundamentals so what do we do about this here’s three things you can do number
one take video okay so take video right so we all have these magical devices
right our phones and they do really good slow motion obviously the slow motion
video you see here is either in 240 most of its 480 frames per second which most
camera phones do 240 frames per second the big limitation is a non zoom range
so I have a camera that has a really long as you ones and so that makes a
little bit easier to capture game action because on a phone when you use digital
zoom which is what I could pick when you pinch and expands it degrades the
quality so it’s a little bit tougher so there’s some lenses you can get for that
you can always pick up a camera there’s I buy a lot of used cameras personally
people seem to take care of their electronics that’s a good way to do it
but use video to your advantage so help your players whether you’re a coach
whether you’re a parent help them by showing them what’s going on so they can
educate themselves and be better self coaches number two dailies so dailies
are daily drills these are just sort of like on your knees just rolling ground
balls to each other you’ll see big leaders do this and from the dugout a
lot of times for games where they’re just working on their
their basic glove work so this might be funneling it might be working on their
backhand and might be working on picks but dailies getting some sort of routine
for your fielders is really really important and you’ll see all the big
league eyes do this because they’ve been doing it since they were little kids
so again it’s not always hitting ground balls while everyone’s lined up a
shortstop or third base those are great but those are harder to work on the
fundamentals because there’s so much of reaction right balls are hit in all
different directions different speeds they have to run and make the play and
do all that stuff taking some of that out of it and just rolling the ball to
their center and just working on that movement of funneling and whether it’s
you know picking or back in whatever it is these daily drills can be really
really important for a young players long-term development and lastly
game-like reps so whether this is in pregame whether this
during VP whatever it is you need encourage your players take game like
rep so we have an example here and obviously you can’t be throwing
constantly right you can’t always be throwing across the diamond your arm
will be get worn out but encourage your players to take game like reps and so
what that means is even if they’re not gonna throw it across the diamond they
still need to attack it field it go through all the game motions that you
know an infielder is gonna do if they want to be pros they need to still get
as many reps as they can so you’re gonna see this guy taking a ground ball he’s
gonna funnel it bring it right to the center move his feet he’s gonna take a
crow hop and he’s gonna be right now you don’t really know that he’s gonna pull
up and not actually throw that ball so going through game-like actions at game
speed is really important and it’s something that’s gonna make the
difference long term because if you’re a young player and every time you get a
ground ball you’re working on those high-level actions that pro infielders
have that d1 infielders have misses a d1 guy right here that’s gonna make all the
difference in the end the more quality reps you get as a baseball player the
better an infielder you’re gonna be long-term the better your hands are
gonna be the better your arm strength is gonna be the better you’re gonna be at
making those awkward throws across the diamond
so hopefully you enjoyed today’s video obviously this was geared all at
baseball infielders so if you’re new to the channel and you liked what you saw
today definitely the subscribe button share this with a friend it’s great
seeing high level players in slow motion because obviously it’s just like Show
and Tell it look this is how they’re doing it it’s right there in front of
you it’s easy to refer to and it’s easy to compare yourself to right so if you
want to be a d1 baseball player or a pro baseball player one day which is a very
admirable goal then figure out what the actions that these players have like
what does it take to play at that level and once you know that then you know how
much work you need to put in on what kind of techniques and what kind of
skills you need to develop to eventually be one of those players alright thanks
again for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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