Baseball Infielder drills for speed and quick feet | Resistance Bands for Baseball

Speaker 1: Infielders could really benefit
from the bands as well. What we can do is we can do our ground ball sequences, but when
we’re wearing the bands, we’re going to help with our center of balance and work on our
glutes strength, not to mention get a little stronger moving laterally. Do your ground
ball drill with the ball with the bands. Good. This drill here is great for building momentum
to first base. If you’re a left side of the infield right here, take cones. Put ’em about
a yard, yard and a half apart, and it’s going to simulate the throw to first base. If you
get a ground ball and you’re a short stop, we got to practice getting around and throwing
the ball to first base. Get your cones spaced out. Your infielder will start just to the
left of his cone. Anything you’re going to field the ball, you always want to make sure
you field it out in front of you. As the ball comes to you, your hand should
be out front. When you approach the ball, you got to drop your butt and you should see
the bill of your cap, OK? When I come up to it, chin goes to my chest, I get the ball
in front, I cradle it, small crow hop, ready to throw. When you’re in the position where
you’re ready to throw and you come around the cones, you want to get here, and you want
to replace your back … or your front foot with your back foot. When I’m here, immediately
get to this position and get in a good L to throw.
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