100 thoughts on “Baseball Is Losing Popularity and Ratings – Phone Call With Sports Illustrated

  1. Love the brutal honesty! You can replace MLB here with so many historic stable brands and have the exact same conversation.

  2. This is exactly the reason why I watch Gary. He is not afraid to speak his truth. Something I want to be able to do one day

  3. C’mon guys don’t tell me you don’t love the fact that you’re lucky enough to only get to watch Yankees vs Red Sox on tv!

  4. I really learned to think differently when I read the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis. One of my many red pill moments in life. Adapt or die.

  5. Vigging for the sports agency? Love it. I was mentored by David Meltzer to start my business. My brother is a sports writer graduating from Texas State soon. Football and Basketball 😉 FYI

  6. I love baseball, but baseballs problem is that there is too much damned baseball…. The average fan cant keep up with the season anymore. There is too much other media pulling at our already limited attention spans and there is never a shortage of baseball…. There is too much supply for a dwindling demand. 33 preseason games, 162 regular season games and what…. 15-20 postseason games… 200+ games every year?? please… nobody has time for all that.

  7. https://youtu.be/DQxgM_dG6xU
    The Ultimate Rick and Morty Prediction Video? In my Url. You decide
    You wont guess what i say about American Football in this vid. You won't.

  8. I loved this. This is without a doubt baseballs biggest issue – and I hate it! I grew up playing and watching baseball a decade ago, I LIVED baseball. Baseball saved this country from the 20s-50s. But I can’t love it anymore, half the games on that fucking MLB.tv app are on media blackout, they don’t play the games on tv. Baseball is dead, and the League killed it.

  9. Go Dodgers! They have a strong and diverse culture. Even though most of the fans can't watch ANY of the games on TV #WorldSeries

  10. This is true, I work for a milb and our baseball club exaggerates the attendance, very disappointed as a fan and someone who sells sports advertising.

  11. Another epic video 👍🏼. Gary's wisdom seems to be apparent only to the weak, poor, and those who feel marginalized by the establishment. The establishment itself doesn't seem aware of Gary's existence…or they simply choose to ignore him. The weird thing is that the establishment could easily employ his ideas and become even more successful than they are already. This would be much easier for the establishment to do then it would be for a poor person to do. The super rich and the super poor seem to be stuck. Neither can change easily. But if you're lucky enough to be in the middle somewhere…there is a possibility that you can change and adapt. These are the people that Gary has the best chance of reaching.

  12. I am amazed at how big baseball is. I am from Ireland and was in Boston watching a final. One score in an hour! At least in soccer even though it can be boring, people are moving around. In baseball there is a huge amount of nothing happening especially not hitting the ball. American football (where you don't use your foot) is not a flowing sport, all stop start. Rugby, in my opinion is the best sport.

  13. Baseball is just a boring sport period. Who the hell has the time to sit there on their couch for 3 hours watching a bunch of guys just standing around on the pitch waiting for something to happen? Baseball is a slow game and it's just not free flowing at all. It's so bad right now that soccer is probably going to overtake baseball in America in the near future and that is something that I would not have thought was possible a few years ago.

  14. Agree with baseball – disagree with hockey. Hockey will never become mainstream because of a multitude of reasons:
    1. Growing up with a mitt, basketball, or baseball is cheap
    2. Hockey is typically only played during one season, while basketball goes in/outdoors
    3. Cost for parents to have their kids play in leagues is very expensive
    4. Weather plays a popularity with colleges and who are the best teams (North/Midwest/Canada)

    This is coming from an avid hockey fan and player (on the side) – though NHL is making massive strides with their engagement on IG

  15. That was dope! We don't watch muchbase ball here in Australia (& New Zealanders too) as we're massive Rugby Union fans, but I just learnt alot!

  16. If MLB wants to gain popularity then need to allow steroids to be used, eliminate the shift, speed up the rate of play and expand the playoffs.

  17. I don't know what Bam is, but it sounds like what the PGA Tour is doing to Golf. You don't see any quality content – anywhere – period… because all footage of Golf is suppressed by them.

  18. This guy is so inspiring, everytime i struggle with my fulltime job/youtube schedule, i watch this guy am i'm fired up!

  19. An awesome and transparent explaining of how human behavior plays out quickly in short term and long term business results and cultural experiences. Gotta check out this BAM group

  20. Agreed league like the NHL and MLB need to let personalities shine and NHL seems to be letting that happen this year. But it is the old boys club that are afraid of independence and fun.

  21. The thing he said about EPL is very true. But NBC's greed is hurting the game and the league's growth in the states a little bit. Credit to Premier League for hosting fan fests in the states though.

  22. 16:55 exposure : it's why the record labels pay radio stations to play singles: give away the experience so that people even know that there's a brand to buy into.

  23. 18:50–19:30 "X isn't famous, Y isn't famous, Z was famous…" : person on the phone doesn't understand fame; you buy exposure with advertising, put up a strong or pretty face, give them a smooth-ish delivery on an interesting backstory, and get them on talk shows to keep and build the momentum. Do that four or five times and the sport's suddenly on the way back culturally in the headlines, because media people pay attention to media and are generally looking for a bandwagon to jump on.

  24. Gary, this was an awesome video. Your knowledge and passion for the game is impressive. Totally agree within you, baseball is not relative in the digital space. Proper football is crushing it compared to baseball.

  25. Gary thinks on a level most of us just dream of, I’m not a baseball fan but it’s really interesting to see why the owners would use the model they have and why it’s wrong for the sport

  26. Gary thinks on a level most of us just dream of, I’m not a baseball fan but it’s really interesting to see why the owners would use the model they have and why it’s wrong for the sport

  27. In 1983, I figured out how to attend 20 Orioles' games (including one playoff game and one World Series game.) I was 14 (no driver's license) and lived in the DC area (typically 90 minutes to Memorial Stadium.) To this day, I could probably name every player on that roster. I knew maybe two of the current players Gary mentioned in this interview.

  28. So true, the NFL adapted to having its content more easily available I mean hell you can watch a Thursday night game on Twitch for Christ sakes. Thats smart

  29. Gary I noticed that you are on Weibo and WeChat. That’s not enough, you need to get on Bilibili ( think the YouTube of China), a company that announced its IPO on Nasdaq just March of this year. It has the top 17 traffic in China and some 50m users.You can’t ignore it! It’s better than Youku or iQiyi. Nobody posts anything original on those two platforms, all our content creators and vloggers are on Bilibili! Just have someone who speaks Chinese check out their website. It’s got streaming, games, and so much more that you can’t miss out on.

  30. I wouldn't say baseball is dying. I just looked at attendance and it peaked in 2012 and has decrease by about 2% in the past 4 years but it is far from dead.

  31. Rob Manfred just came out acting dumbfounded why the ratings were so low for a high profile World Series like BOS vs LA. Everybody's attention is on the NFL and NBA!

  32. It's simple. NFL and NBA is just more exciting to watch. Constant plays, little downtime, one player can control the entire game. Ex, curry, LeBron, Brady. Whereas baseball there is a lot of downtime and the only activity is pitcher, batter,. It's not stimulating enough for the average viewer.

  33. Baseball is a game of statistics and tradition…..beyond that, its a slow mediocre game that doesn't translate well in modern society

  34. Ironic how popular baseball has gotten in East Asia, while the Ameri-mutts and their constantly falling IQ average think its boring. Enjoy your shitty CTE concussion American "Foot"ball then

  35. Problem is these guys are extremely private personalities. The guys who put themselves out there have and continue to do so. The baseball player and the basketball player personality are extremely different in nature. Ballplayers aren't mic'd up nowadays because they all talk like men. Which is to say the cursing on TV is supposedly not good for kids to hear. MLB may have dug their own grave but they are also falling into the pit of the PC culture. Just like wrestling. The attitude era fans will never love the new product where they freeze frame chair shots and aren't allowed to bleed.

  36. I hate to say it but this is something nobody wants to mention. I believe that the high rate of Hispanic players, whose names are hard to spell and remember, are a part of the reason the MLB is losing interest among American fans. Names such as Gleyber Torres, Giancarlo Stanton, Yonder Alonso, Yolmer Sanchez, Yuli Gurriel, Asdrubal Guerrero, etc, don't exactly roll off the tongue. There have been great Hispanic players for many years, but many had names that people could pronounce without the help of a name card. Nobody else is saying it, so I will.

  37. I'm English and I got into baseball recently thanks to its YouTube presence (which barely gets any views). But I also love cricket. And I love football (the soccer-kind) and like the NFL. Sports is not an either/or situation. You can like every single one of them.

  38. Only if the “good old boys” club would listen. Gary V for commissioner! How about a legitimate World Series played between the champions around the globe akin to the Champions League in fútbol. WBC opened the Americans eyes to how good the rest of the world actually is.

  39. You can't do anything with baseball being boring it's the game a few people will find it entertaining. In my eyes is like watching some group on the park playing their game with a board as the protagonist no pace just killing time

  40. Baseball is dying because it's boring as fuck and always has been. 97degrees,
    100% humidity sitting in the sweltering sun to watch some idiot walk up
    to a plate, knock dirt off their shoes 100 times, take a thousand
    practice swings, knock some more dirt off their shoes, more practice
    swings, the pitch, strike one then the whole process starts over again.
    And no one can hand me that line of shit about psyching each other out
    either. If you are that good to play at that level, you should be
    beyond being "psyched out" due to training and experience not to mention
    the enormous cash you are paid. I have spoken to millennials and they
    all say that when they are "forced" to go to a game for one reason or
    another, they all surf the internet, text, etc on ipads or iphones
    because they are bored out of their minds and are gone by the 3rd
    inning. I'm 56 years old and I have felt the same way since I went to
    my first game. Now, here in Cincinnati, the reds "need" a new fucking
    score board to the tune of 4 million dollars. For what? to show an
    empty house? Bye Bye baseball!

  41. The game is slow and not really associated with culture at large. It doesnt relate to millenials because of that. NFL has sort of the same problem except for the mega stars like odell beckham.

  42. MLB attendance 2018 – 70 million, NHL attendance 2018 – 23 million, NBA attendance 2018 – 22 million, NFL attendance 2018 – 17 million

  43. I wanna say something. Gary, I don't believe baseball is a dying sport. The money they're making is insane. But the reason why there were so many baseball stars in the 80s and 90s is because of how they marketed themselves. I'm only 18. I want a Rickey Henderson, a Barry Bonds, an A-Rod, a Ken Griffey Jr., a Manny Ramirez. We got those guys when it comes to talent, not personality. We need a Rickey Henderson, Ken Griffey type personality back into America's pastime.

  44. i like this guy…he has a point, no bullshiet talking around, facts
    u know what u.s. sports are missing also? a ultra fansector with bengals, flags and chants
    thats what brings goosebumps athomsphere and why people want to be there live in a stadium, otherwise i could watch from home

  45. Baseball is not a dying sport. It is the second grossing sport in the entire world. NFL – 11 billion, MLB – 9 billion, NBA – 6 billion, Premier League – 5 billion, NHL 4 billion. Baseball still completely dominates NASCAR and XGames and other 'cooler' sports.

  46. Lets be real…NOT ENOUGH AMERICAN BLACK PLAYERS! They gave the game some flare. All of the great black baseball players are retired or passed on. Now its nothing but a bunch of brads, chads & latin americans. BORING!!

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