Baseball – John Rhys Plumlee Interview (1-24-20)

How much were you able to get
over here during the fall? What was sort of
the acclimation like when you got over in the spring? Me and Ealy try to come
over here at least once a week, you know, keep the swings from
getting too much rust on them, you know, and so we’ve been
coming over here once a week and swinging around
the cage a little bit. Mike talked to Lane,
and they kind of worked the whole spring practice
baseball thing. What have the conversations been
like with you and Lane and Mike? They just said that they’re
going to get it handled, you know. It’s doable and so me and Ealy
are going to be able to do it, and so just to go out there
and do our thing, be athletes and be students,
and got to stay ahead, you know, and so that’s what we’ve been
trying to do in the classroom when we started here this week,
and so, yeah, just stay ahead and try to juggle both,
you know. So that’s what we’re doing. You have any idea what the
schedule is going to be for you? Not yet. Kind of playing by ear
until, like, we kind of get into a real routine
of how things are going to be when spring ball starts
with the official baseball practices every day, you know. So, we’ll just see how it goes,
playing it by ear right now. Getting those swings in with the
team out there in center field, does that kind of allow you
to fall back into it and not miss too much? Yeah, just to stay within
football season, kind of keeping your swing
getting too out of hand, so getting back over here
wasn’t too-too bad, getting back
in the swing of things. What do you think about that
competition out there in center field, you, Derek,
you’re all out there? Great athletes, you know, and I think the outfield
is in good hands this year. You know, got some speed
and got some guys that can play, and so I’m excited about it. We haven’t talked to you
since the Lane hire. What do you think about it? I’m excited.
Most definitely excited. I got to talk to him
almost a lot now, you know, just being over there. And he’s a great guy. He’s fired up,
and we’re fired up about it too.

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