Baseball Legend Darryl Strawberry Interview: Icons of Faith Series

– Welcome Darryl Strawberry. (audience applauds) Good to have you. You know, Darryl, I’m
havin’ a deja vu moment, I feel like we’ve done this before, right? – We have, we have. We’re pretty good at it though. – I think so, I think
you’re pretty good at it. This is our third time
we’ve had a conversation, and every conversation
was a little different than the other. You have such an amazing life,
but you know, looking back on first meeting you, I
met you at the White House. We went to a special dinner. That was the second time I think I met you at the White House, but it
was for evangelical leaders. And there was a moment
where the President opened the microphone up and said
anybody who wanted to could come up and speak, and a lot
of people got up there and gave a lot of praise and a lot of
compliments to the President. Darryl walked up there, he was so bold. ‘Cause Darryl knew Donald Trump
before he was the President, because Darryl was on
Celebrity Apprentice. I mean, I love the way you
spoke though as a believer and a follower of Jesus. But here’s the other thing
I really noticed about him. His boldness there, but then
before and after all kinds of folks, of course,
recognized him, want a picture with him, want an autograph,
wanted to say something, and he just took time for everybody. You know, a real great
representative of Christ, so welcome, Darryl. It’s great to have you. – Thank you, thank you, Pastor Gray. It’s good to be here with you guys. It’s good to be over here,
and yes we’ve done this. It’s pretty cool to be able to have an amazing pastor like this. It makes it a lot easier for
you to have a conversation, and it’s not that very difficult. You know, being with the
President and everything, and just really trying to
allow him to know that man has not called you, God has called you. And just like all of us,
man doesn’t have the say. If we listen to television
and what they have to say about us, and we believe
that hype, then we’re wrong. Had I believed the hype of
what they said about me, then I wouldn’t be sitting
here right today and I wouldn’t be a follower of Jesus
Christ, had I listened to ’em. I was tryin’ to get
him to understand that. Persecution is real. You gonna be persecuted because
of what the society doesn’t like about you. That should never be your worries. And I was tellin’ President
Trump that, because God found me in a pit and put me in a poor pit. I’m not even qualified to
do that, so God can put you anywhere he wants to put you,
when he wants to put you. We, as people, need to
understand that, and if we don’t really have a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ, we don’t know him. And most of the news,
they don’t know Christ. They’re not talking about
faith, you know, they talkin’ about worldly things and not
talkin’ about kingdom things. They don’t have a kingdom mind. I mean, I have a totally kingdom mindset. I wasn’t always like this, but I’ve had a transformation with God. Over nine years ago,
God called me to preach. 15, 16 years ago, I was
shootin’ dope, smokin’ crack and God put a woman in my
life and that’s my wife today, and she was pullin’ me
out of the dope houses. And God’s gonna always
use people to help people. And we need to understand that. Man does not have the last say. Man does not qualify you. God qualifies you. And that’s what the
President needs to know. God has qualified him. (audience applauds) – You know, Darryl, you’ve
lived the American dream. Many young men would just love
to do what you’ve been able to do, play with all these
teams, like the Giants, the Mets, the Dodgers, the Yankees, and they think maybe you live
like this storybook life, but it wasn’t a storybook life. Your father was an abusive man. In fact, there was a moment
in your life when it could’ve turned out horribly. Tell us about that time. – Yeah, everybody’s got
a chance to see me live a very successful life
because I played Major League baseball and put a uniform on. They thought, well, you
make a lot of money, you should be happy. Money don’t make you happy. If you’re broken on the
inside, broken is real. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, how much fame you have, if
you’re broken on the inside. And I was broken before I
ever put the uniform on. See, my pain led me to my
greatness, but my greatness would eventually lead me to
my destructive behavior, because if you’re never
well on the inside, then it’s gonna lead
you to all those habits. – Can I just stop you there? That’s such a great statement. Say that statement again. – My pain led me to my greatness. – Right. – But my greatness led me
to my destructive behavior. – Right. – It’s pain that usually
lead us to being who we wanna become and everything
because of hurting, of rejection, of what’s happened. And my father was an alcoholic,
and he used to beat me and lay me across the bed
and make me take off my shirt and beat me with an extension cord. And my brother, and he came
home for the last time, pulled out a shotgun
when I was 14 years old, and my brothers and we went into action. We came this close to killin’ my father. – [Host] Were you six five then? – I was, I was six five. We’re about to do some
damage, me and my brother, and he pulled out a shotgun and said he was gonna kill us all. So most people never knew
that I was already broken before I put a uniform on. And brokenness is real. We live in a society today,
you know, brokenness– lawlessness brings about
brokenness, loose livin’, alcohol, parents, rejection,
all this stuff brings about a broken generation. That’s what it was for me and
that’s what it still is today why kids are broken, because
of what they go through and never allow themselves. We don’t allow ’em to
get well on the inside. We wanna look at people from the outside. Yeah, I been privileged my whole life. I live behind community gates,
I had millions of dollars, I had homes, cars, but I had nothin’. I was just a baseball player
when I put that uniform on, hittin’ home runs because I was in pain. I didn’t become a man until I met Jesus. When I met Jesus I became a man. (audience applauds) – So in your journey, oh get
a tight shot of Darryl’s ring. Can you get a camera up close to his ring? Check this ring out. Look at that ring. Wait, get it in there. They’re tryin’. They’re lookin’ at me
for some unknown reason. There it is. Look at that ring. That’s a nice ring. It says New York Yankees on it. Could I just have that ring? (audience laughs) How about if I just preach in it? – Go ahead, go ahead. – I’ll just say, now let me
make this one point right now. You know, let me think about that. It’s beautiful. There you go. You’re the man who should
wear it, you earned it. So here you have this incredible
success as you’ve already said, but then your life began
to spiral out of control. You got into drinking. You got into drugs, and
all kinds of crazy stuff, and then there was a
big moment in your life where you found out you had colon cancer. So where were you at spiritually
when you got that news? – I wasn’t really never
anywhere spiritually, because you know I got saved in ’91, but I didn’t get discipled, and discipleship is so important. I think so many Christians
miss out on discipleship, and discipleship is reading
the Bible and understanding God’s Word, and God’s
commandments and his will. And if you don’t do that,
you gonna be the same person, and that’s why the Bible
talks about my people perish because of lack of knowledge. I was perishing because
of lack of knowledge and no understanding. I had earthly knowledge but I
didn’t have kingdom knowledge. You don’t really get kingdom
knowledge until you pick up the word, ’cause the word
empowers you and it teaches you how to live and it
teaches you who you are. So I was strugglin’ with all that. I was strugglin’ with the success. I was strugglin’ with the sickness. I was a complete lost person, completely. I was a heathen, I was a
liar, I was a womanizer, I was a cheater, I was a
alcoholic, I was a drug addict, but I was sinner saved by grace. You know, God’s grace is sufficient. No matter who you are, he
still has grace for you, no matter how far you go down,
he still has grace for you. And he still has a perfect plan for you. So many of us find ourself
with so many struggles like I did, and they ultimately give up. One thing, I just wanna
encourage the church and people who are here
today, is don’t quit. Don’t give up. God is not finished. Everybody else may be finished with you, but God is never, ever finished with you. I’m a prime example. (audience applauds) I’m a prime example that God
is never finished with you. He meets you right where you
at, and he has the perfect plan for your life, if we don’t quit. So many of us quit and
so many of us deny Jesus. We just think he’s Jesus as a power. Jesus is a holy man, he’s a righteous man, he’s a man with no sin. So he comes into your life, and
when he comes into your life for real and you commit to
him for real, he empowers you. He brings you to a
wholeness and righteousness. He liberates you, he redeems you. ‘Cause he’s been redeemed,
he’s been resurrected. He is the redeemer. I’m not a overcomer because
of me, I’m a overcomer because of the blood of the Lamb. When we understand that
blood from the cross, that blood Jesus had on that
cross for you and for me, that blood is clean. So you need to know that. I always tell people
what is Jesus here for. Jesus is here to rescue
you from your sinful ways. He’s here to redeem you with his blood. He’s here to restore you with his grace. See, when you understand that, then you understand who you are. I think a lot of times, a
lot of us never give ourself a chance, pastor, to enter
into a real relationship with Christ, and we just
think, oh, it’s just Jesus that they talk about in the book. But he’s the King of
kings, the Lord of lords. He was wounded for our transgression. He was bruised for our iniquity. By his stripes we get to be healed. You get to live the abundant
life, a life that you don’t even know about because
of the grace that he gives to you every day. – That’s right. You know, Darryl. (audience applauds) There might be somebody
listening right now who’s is struggling with drugs
or struggling with alcohol, and they’ve tried to break free from it, and they’ve fallen back. You had those same
struggles, like you said a few moments ago, for 15 years. So what word of encouragement
would you give to a person struggling with whatever
addiction it is in their life? – Whatever you strugglin’
with, just allow other people to help you. That’s the most important thing. First, don’t try to do it yourself. God used my wife a little
bit over 16 years ago, pullin’ me out of dope houses, and I was shootin’ dope, smokin’ crack. She had one year recovery and I was lost. I told her, why don’t you
just leave me here and go on and let me die. She was like, you just not that lucky. (audience laughs) So God is gonna always
do what he’s always done. God is always gonna use
people to help people. And when we can understand
that, and we can humble ourself, especially those that
are strugglin’ and those that have hangups, habits, and hurt. If we can humble ourself, and
we can get rid of our ego, a three letter word, easing God out. If we can get rid of our ego,
then we’re able to get the help that we need, because
that’s what he’s gonna always do. He’s not asking you to be perfect. Stop trying to be perfect. You’re not perfect. Jesus is the only perfect one. He’s asking you just to “follow me”, follow the, obey the commandments,
“follow me” and trust, and trust the process. And some of us gotta be in
that place where we have to learn to trust God. We don’t trust God enough. We’ll trust everything else. We’ll trust what the television’s sayin’, we’ll trust this, we’ll
trust everything else. Proverbs 3:5-6 come to my
mind as it talks about trust in the Lord with all
your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways
acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths. He will direct the paths if
you trust and believe in him. If you believe what the word
says, and allow people to help you, we gotta get away
from stop pushing people away. And we gotta learn how to love people. Most important gift that
I’ve learned through this whole process with God, is
God loved me in my brokenness. And that’s what we need to do. We need to learn to love people
right in their brokenness. It don’t mean you have to tolerate. Tracy didn’t tolerate me,
but she loved me in the midst of my mess. And she loved me back to life. God used her to lead me to the cross, used her back to leading
me coming to the altar and repenting to God and
asking God to forgive me, and then he restored my life. (audience applauds) – So Darryl, your father
mistreated you so horribly, and one would understand
if you were to say, I don’t wanna ever talk to that man again. But after your baseball career
had concluded and you were out now serving the Lord and
speaking, your father ended up in the hospital, and the Lord
directed you to go see him. Tell us about what happened. – Yeah, that’s good, pastor,
because it’s very powerful to understand about forgiveness. I think so many of us,
we hold everybody hostage about what has happened
to us, and I did that for so many years with my father. I kept him out of my life,
my career, and I hated him, didn’t want him to be a part of nothin’ that I was achievin’. And the Lord saved me and
then six years into that, six years later, somewhere down the line, I’m gonna do a men’s
conference, I was speakin’. The Lord says, go see your
father in the hospital, on a Friday night and I was gonna speak at a men’s conference that morning, and I was gonna talk about God’s love. He was like, go see your
father and repent to him. I said, really? (audience laughs) I mean we hadn’t had no
relationship or nothin’ for a very long time. He says, yes, I want you to
go down there and I want you to repent to him. I don’t want you to talk
about anything he did to you. He says, how dare you not
forgive him and I forgave you. And I just sat there and I was on the bed. No, I’m just needin’ to finish this. And I called my wife and I said. I didn’t tell you this part before. I called my wife. I said please pray for me, I said, God is all over me right now. (audience laughs) And he’s not playin’, he’s
talkin’ about go see your father and repent to him. And she said a prayer and then I woke up and I did the men’s conference. Then I realized that I needed to go down, and I went down there. I asked him to forgive me. He said, don’t talk about anything he did. He beat me, rejected me. He said, don’t talk about nothin’. I said, will you please forgive me. I’m wrong for keepin’ you out of my– He said, yes. And I just lost it. I laid in his lap, cried so hard. I just lost it. I just completely lost
it, and I just laid there and I was just cryin’ like a baby. And the Lord said, raise up. And I raised up, I said, you
know the Lord has changed my life, and I said, the Lord
is speaking to me and he wants to change you, would you
like to accept the Lord as your Savior? And he said yes, and there
I was, I was leading the man that beat me, to the Lord. And God says, I want you
to remember one thing, and I want you to
remember one thing clear, it’s never about you. See, ’cause I always used
to think it was about me. See, he said that forgiveness
was not for your father, that forgiveness was for me. ‘Cause I had held him hostage
so long and I was broken and empty on the inside so long. Because anytime you
don’t let anybody free, the brokenness of who you are stays. As soon as I released him, I got free. There was something that came off of me, and there was God tellin’
me in the midst of that, don’t you ever forget,
it is never about you. Once God has saved you, it’s
about you being redeemed to go out there and help
somebody else to come to know that his great love for them is real. Regardless of what you’ve been
through, it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through. (audience applauds) – So Darryl, tell us
what you’re doing now. – I’m doin’ a lot now. I’m an evangelist. I traveled 236 times last year preachin’, which I wasn’t qualified nine years ago. God called me away and
said, you gonna go preach. I said, no I’m not. He goes, yes you are. (audience laughs) – You know, let me say one thing, Darryl. You’re very qualified,
and I’ll tell you why. Because you have a story to
tell, and God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called. God is not looking for ability, he’s looking for availability. I’m not qualified either. High school graduate, barely, that’s it. Made a lot of bad decisions
in the early part of my life, but you know, I have something to say, and you have something to
say, and you’ve lived it, and you’ve seen God do it for you. So as far as I’m concerned,
you’re very qualified to go and preach the gospel. – Well thank you, thank you, pastor. You’re so kind and I really appreciate it. I really appreciate bein’ with
you, ’cause you’re a great man of God and I really follow
those that set the example of who Jesus is. That’s what’s important. God has allowed me to
live an abundant life. He has allowed me to preach
the gospel, and he’s raised me up from the pit to the poor
pit, and qualified me to do as well, only because I said yes. – [Pastor] That’s right. – When I got to a place I said
yes, you know what yes is, it’s a three letter word. Y-E-S, you enjoy salvation. – [Pastor] Amen, I like that. – You get to enjoy salvation,
and salvation is incredible. I think so many of us,
pastor, don’t understand the greatness of salvation. Salvation is everything,
everything I’ve always wanted, like not baseball, not home
runs, not millions of dollars. I wanted to know Jesus. I wanted a relationship with Jesus Christ. And that’s what we all should
want is a relationship, a personal relationship with Jesus. Taste and see that the Lord is good. He’s so good, he’s so great,
he’s better than anything that you will ever taste,
better than your wife, better than your husband,
better than your kids, better than money, better than fame. He is everything when you taste and see and have a relationship with him. When you make that commitment to him, you will not want anything else. – [Pastor] Wow. (audience applauds) – Next year is the 30th
anniversary of the Harvest Crusades at Angel Stadium, and I’ve
asked Darryl to come so I can interview him there again. So we’ll be seeing him again. Let’s thank Darryl Strawberry. – Thank you, pastor. (audience applauds)

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